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I would like to be able to choose from a few different styles of buttons. In one of your mobile-friendly newsletter templates (It has a blue and orange theme and a featured story/news with a picture, etc.) there is a square button at the bottom for "Contact Us"...which I cannot change the style of. Then if I add other buttons, they have rounded corners...also, adding another button forces a new block, why am I not able to add a button to an existing block? I cannot change the background color for the social share block, I don't see why a white background (or any color I choose) isn't available. Also, I would like to be able to create my own custom dividers, and other graphics. For example, in one of your other mobile templates, there is a divider that has two horizontal lines with a break in the middle for a small graphic (three squares or diamonds or something). I would like to make a custom single line divider with three little buckeyes or a buckeye leaf in the middle of it (since we are Ohio State). The padding for each section should be adjustable. I am trying to add a date and our URL at the top, right underneath the logo at the top, but the forced padding for both the logo and the "pre-header" tool that I am using for the date and URL are making things just look really awkward. One last point, I think that you should make all of the blocks available to any newsletter template, because we may be able to personally customize them for our own needs. There is a block in one of the templates that allows for three pictures and short descriptions underneath. That is not available in most of the templates (even the blank template?). I think it makes sense for the less tech savvy users to keep things as limited as possible, however you could divide the blocks that are "recommended" for the them, and then add "other blocks" in a separate section below or something so that people realize that unless they know how to edit them, that they are not within the intended design of the template. I do appreciate that you need to keep things as fool proof as possible when you are making these designs work and look good in a mobile environment as well, but I do think that it is important to be able to customize things a little bit more than what is currently available.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to give feedback! We appreciate it.

Home & Building Services
The new interface has some good things & some not so good things. It looks nice & seems a little quicker. The campaign reports are not as helpful as one can only compare 2 campaigns at a time. The previous graphs were much more helpful. If you can keep the select option but allow for as many campaigns as available that would be more helpful. Also, allow for different types of graphs...pie, line & bar. When creating emails one leaves the campaign screen to edit with folders open. When exiting an email after editing, one is returned to the home page. Then one has to click the Campaign button at the top of the screen, choose folders and choose the folder one was working on at that time. This is very cumbersome and creates a lot of re-clicking. It is not helpful but creates more work. It was not this way previously. We were also told that we would have campaigns going back 2.5 years. This is not the case for us in the campaign reporting section. One can see that a lot of work was done and that is good. If Constant Contact could make it easier to use so we don't have to redo things each time we exit a screen that would be good...unless of course you just want us to use the back function on our browsers. If that is the case then please put instructions on the screen that we need to use the back function, but please also make sure that the "Do you want to exit without saving" function still exists when using the back function in our browsers. It looks nice, but needs some more work to make it more helpful and faster.
The new design is much more modern and user-friendly, it's been better to use and faster to navigate. Some pages however (notably the home page but others as well), are left aligned which, when compared to the campaign page for instance, is odd and a 'jump' from one to the other - keeping them all centred would be easier when navigating and also in line with standard web design practice.
I dislike the new layout. Navigating is difficult. You don't get the preview of campaigns. Can you even copy one now? I haven't figured out how and that is my primary method as it is easiest to maintain consist visual formatting for our customers, plus it retains the FB and Twitter links rather than having to reset every time.
The new layout for Constant Contact is terrible! It's not user friendly and you can't find anything?? **bleep**! Where do I find my Event spots? Where do I find my campaigns? I'm a busy business-owner and want something fast and user friendly...you are going the wrong direction Constant Contact!
Occasional Participant
I can't find any of the recent campaigns I sent out in the last 2-3 months? It looks like they are gone after this recent upgrade. I need them found ASAP as the info in them is critical and recreating them from scratch is a pain and I should not have to start over. Very frustrated!
So far - I hate it. I don't know why good companies take something that works SO WELL and then just for the sake of change - CHANGE the whole thing. First, it looks like a kindergartener designed it. You aren't alone, this new fad in websites - all look that way. About as simple and no talent design as I have seen. Your site looks like PayPal and many others. Silly. That said, it doesn't affect how the site works. I would like my opening to be how it used to be. Now it opens with the most recent item. If I open it to copy - there it is at the top - even if it hasn't been used in a year. My folders are listed first (and I shouldn't have to expand each time I want to see my folders - why have them if I have to then go LOOK FOR THEM!). The Status should be at the top - not below my folders. When I open my campaigns what is SCHEDULED should be the first thing I see. Everything else should follow.
Your new design is much less user friendly than the previous one. It needs to be more compact..
clicked your offer by mistake on a Staples site, I do not need this
Occasional Participant
I do not like the new way. I can not find my favorite layout. You work with this stuff all the time but for those of us who only use it from time to time once we earn where things are and how do something when you change things we (I) have to learn all over again. This is very undesirable. Just as an FYI if I could finds something less complicated I would move there. You might think about designing a very simple option for those of us who want to use your service but don't need all the bells and whistles. And, Yes, I know you have designers but that is an added cost. Thanks
Frequent Participant

I've noticed the Campaigns page will now refresh for no apparent reason. I've also noticed that its very difficult to rename a campaign; you have to edit, and go all the way to the end to get to the field. Also, a few weeks ago you guys accepted my request to add the time to the SENT line and that has yet to happen. Has that been scrapped? I was under the impression that things would get better, but they seem to have gotten worse...

As a paying customer, please send me instructions on how to navigate. Where do I find SENT, DRAFT, emails? Thank you
Occasional Participant
I want to go on record that I absolutely HATE! the new format of the Constant Contact. I was considering looking for another small business e-mail program and the frustration I am feeling with the new program is probably going to make the change easy.
Regular Participant
In your interface redesign you removed a centralized access point to all emails created, regardless of event. This doesn't make any sense. Please bring it back!!!!
The new user interface is terrible. Revert back to the older one.
Do you have a tutorial for taking us through the new look of the site? Right now I'm not happy with this new look.
Regular Participant
This re-design sucks. You've made it even more confusing to use. There is no Chat button on the page - I can't find my copy button - this is horrible!
I would like the ability to sort by the date of the event. I like the new look but losing that feature has been rough.
I have been using your services for the last 5 years and have 20 + years of experience in the email marketing field, building both CMS and custom HTML email blasts and E-newsletters. I have set-up (aside from my own business) 11 clients with your platform and have been a big fan ever since. What happened? Creating a new account for a new client and this operating system looks sleek but is absolutely terrible. I will spend the time to review the provided video and I sincerely hope it will answer the following: - The platform works slower than prior - Embedding and customizing a header image is nebulous at best. What happen to the sliding scale? - Why when I edit an image and save, it creates a dupe? Total non-sense. - The block menu is nowhere as user-friendly or as customizable as before. - Where is the HTML editor? I could go on and on but you get the picture. This system has been updated for the sake of update, not improvement. Did your developer ever heard of UX functionality? Looks like you are catering to the lament and no longer to the pros. Unless the video answers all my concerns, I will move 12 accounts away from Constant Contact and transfer them to one of your competitors. Al in all, I am not impressed. Feel free to tap me for feedback before you decide to change an OS that worked perfectly fine. This is a huge disapointment. Sincerely, Eric Y. Francais, Principal e-outbox LLC
I'm sorry but the redesign is horrible...the previous design was so much better and here's just 2 reasons why: 1. Easier to read. The new design utilizes both light blue and light green font colors on a white background making it very difficult to read (and I have young eyes!). 2. Emails, Events, Reports, etc were organized. Now it's all in one pot with horrible font colors. It's basically a hot mess.
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