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Dislike update

I would like to be able to choose from a few different styles of buttons. In one of your mobile-friendly newsletter templates (It has a blue and orange theme and a featured story/news with a picture, etc.) there is a square button at the bottom for "Contact Us"...which I cannot change the style of. Then if I add other buttons, they have rounded corners...also, adding another button forces a new block, why am I not able to add a button to an existing block? I cannot change the background color for the social share block, I don't see why a white background (or any color I choose) isn't available. Also, I would like to be able to create my own custom dividers, and other graphics. For example, in one of your other mobile templates, there is a divider that has two horizontal lines with a break in the middle for a small graphic (three squares or diamonds or something). I would like to make a custom single line divider with three little buckeyes or a buckeye leaf in the middle of it (since we are Ohio State). The padding for each section should be adjustable. I am trying to add a date and our URL at the top, right underneath the logo at the top, but the forced padding for both the logo and the "pre-header" tool that I am using for the date and URL are making things just look really awkward. One last point, I think that you should make all of the blocks available to any newsletter template, because we may be able to personally customize them for our own needs. There is a block in one of the templates that allows for three pictures and short descriptions underneath. That is not available in most of the templates (even the blank template?). I think it makes sense for the less tech savvy users to keep things as limited as possible, however you could divide the blocks that are "recommended" for the them, and then add "other blocks" in a separate section below or something so that people realize that unless they know how to edit them, that they are not within the intended design of the template. I do appreciate that you need to keep things as fool proof as possible when you are making these designs work and look good in a mobile environment as well, but I do think that it is important to be able to customize things a little bit more than what is currently available.

What have y'all done to the website?! It doesn't work like it did last week!
Carol FishmanC424607707
Frequent Participant
What a mistake! It's impossible to find old campaigns (emails) quickly becasue I have to continually load more. Very difficult to find Events. Ugh, CC used to be so great, with such great customer service, and now the Customer Service times are so much more limited, you got rid of Archives, and now this horrible dashboard.
Occasional Participant
just getting used to the old now here come the new. its really BIG. and its to much to look at . to many clicks to get where i need to go. Maybe until i get acclimated i guess that's how it will be.
Consulting & Training
Why give us so much **bleep** pain? The system was perfect, then you thought it out too much, and screwed it all up. Please go back to the old perfect way. Thanks.
Consulting & Training
Too made too many windows.........you keep asking me to log in. When i click once for unscheduled, it takes me into a window and ask me again to the same thing. More steps that before. Who 's idea was this? If you did something wrong, died and went to hell, this is what you would be doing. Sorry, but this is messy. Please correct. Thanks.
I've barely explored it but 1. There is no more graph for the email reports. 2. There are no more thumbnails for my emails. 3. The new top nav isn't organized very well - for instance, where is the top nav for surveys?
Consulting & Training
When i complete editing a letter, the window does not return me to all my letters,, i still have to click all campaigns. You have managed to make it more complicated, with more steps in a process the you had perfected.
Occasional Participant

Long time client, first time post-er: This is the second time in 24 months or so that someone at CC has decided to do a major makeover, eliminating some helpful features and reorganizing the format. It's not helpful. It's change for the sake of change. It's Marketing thinking they'd better come up with a new look else some online community creaton call the site "stale." It's someone with a title like, "Customer Experience Ambassador" putting their mark on the site by taking an Emporer's New Cloak approach to design. Who are you conferring with before you hit the "Update" button.




Those of us who use templates and just count on things being where they have always been NEED the status quo to do our jobs efficiently. You want to add something? Great. Add it. Teach me about it. If I like it, I will use it. But the major facelifts are unneccessary and annoying. Remember, it is just as easy to learn a new system (read: competitor to CC) as it is to relearn CC.


CC, the next time you get the urge to make a significant change, buy a new outfit at some chic Newbury Street boutique. Just leave things the way you found them and quit trying to FIX SOMETHING THAT WASN'T BROKEN WHEN YOU GOT HERE!



Consulting & Training
It used to be so easy to copy my old campaign each week, which is the design for a weekly safety tip I sent to our clients. It is now time consuming, not intuitive, and difficult to use. I really don't like the update to the site.

I have spent the last three hour juist trying to find a class thay somehow got closed, to refresh the link and open.  I finally gave up and looking into a new company to do buisness with.


Hate it. can't find anything. Can't find events. Can't find templates. very frustrating.
The new interface is clunky and poorly designed. Instead of my emails all being listed neatly with the title on 1 line and a visible copy option, now they're in boxes with titles on 2 lines plus a bunch of space below, showing less emails on my screen at any given time and thereby forcing me to scroll more to get to where I need to go -- without enough on the screen to give me much context. Even worse, now I have to click on the Actions menu in order to click on Copy. That's DOUBLE the amount of clicks compared to your previous interface. Twice as many clicks and more scrolling? Those are the 2 basic signs of poor web design (the 3rd is putting vital info in gray type; you only do that a little, and not where I'm talking about). Good web design enables the user to click and scroll LESS, not more, and it doesn't hide vital functions 1 layer down for no good reason whatsoever. There is plenty of real estate available in that box into which you've put each email for there to be a Copy link in plain view. As for Social Share, you have to scroll down the whole page to even get to it after scheduling the email. It should be at the top; a lot more people would probably use it, then, but as it is now, it's impossible to find unless you scroll, scroll, scroll to the very bottom of the page. Put it up where it's obvious and accessible! Why not leave Simple Share for the use of those of us who are sending out a single time-sensitive blast? It is so annoying to have to delete your suggested future posts every time I want to tweet our newsletter. For a leading company in the industry, the aforementioned design shortcomings are pretty embarrassing, and they make Constant Contact look really bad as well as making it less convenient to use.
Consulting & Training
Now takes two windows to unschedule a letter. Miss the old system, which you had perfected.

Hi @SunsetCanyonB

What seems to be working differently?




Just a little feedback on the new design of the "My Campaigns" page. 1) The campaigns should be listed with "scheduled" campaigns at the very top, then by sent date. I just had an email go out that was scheduled, but I didn't see it on the list any longer because it scheduled 2 weeks ago. 2) I really miss the page #s at the bottom. I often reference campaigns I sent several months ago. I used to be able to select the page #s to quickly go back a few months. Now I have to keep waiting for the page to load, select "Load More", wait for the page to load, select "Load More"... Not a good interface at all. 3) On the My Campaigns list, you used to display the date AND time the email was going out. So you could quickly verify the timing of an email. You now only list the date, so you have to actually open the campaign to just see the time is is scheduled to send.

Regular Participant

I am so disappointed in the whole update! My god, I don't even know where to begin.


1. The archives are now gone. This was a quick way to find campaigns.

2. At the bottom of the emails list there used to be pages to be able to jump to, now I can only click view more campaigns. I am trying to find one from 2011. Any idea how long it will take me to find that?

3. Now I've just sorted my emails and nothing goes back past 2/25/13. I have to have those emails! Oh my god, I've kept things for a reason all this time.

4. Nothing is intuitive at all.

5. We have surveys but even though I have an ongoing survey that is LIVE, I no longer have access to that data because it was created before 2010. (customer service got it for me but it is unacceptible to be locked out of ongoing campaigns)


You guys have seriously blown it. We have been with you for many, many years and, as the marketing person for our non-profit org, I can tell you that I will be looking for another company. I have actually advocated for keeping our account with you in the past but will no longer do so. You may not even care really, we are just one company, but this is the last straw.


I would like to say that the new updates to the website make it more appealing, but it it completely non user friendly. It is nearly impossible to track old emails and the website seems to be a little bit slower due to this.
Occasional Participant
Hello. The new interface is horrible. I cannot easily access my campaigns from 2015. It is unresponsive to Google Chrome, and doesn't open at all in Explore. I have been a client since 2007 or earlier and this is the worst experience I've ever had with Constant Contact. I'd like to see the pagination restored so that I click straight through to Page 10 or 20 or wherever in the past I want to go. If that's not possible, a search engine that allowing me to search by campaign title would be helpful. As of right now I am completely incapacitated and unable to use Constant Contact. A very disappointed customer.
Occasional Participant
Just a comment that I'm not finding your new website structure nearly as intuitive as your old one. Would have been helpful to receive information about the changes ahead of time! Harder to get to my draft emails, and I had to dig around to find them. I liked the more visual approach you used to have.
I find this version of constant contact much harder to use than the previous one. I miss having the pages when searching and seeing thumbnails as well during the search process. It was much more navigable before and required much less time.
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