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I would like to be able to choose from a few different styles of buttons. In one of your mobile-friendly newsletter templates (It has a blue and orange theme and a featured story/news with a picture, etc.) there is a square button at the bottom for "Contact Us"...which I cannot change the style of. Then if I add other buttons, they have rounded corners...also, adding another button forces a new block, why am I not able to add a button to an existing block? I cannot change the background color for the social share block, I don't see why a white background (or any color I choose) isn't available. Also, I would like to be able to create my own custom dividers, and other graphics. For example, in one of your other mobile templates, there is a divider that has two horizontal lines with a break in the middle for a small graphic (three squares or diamonds or something). I would like to make a custom single line divider with three little buckeyes or a buckeye leaf in the middle of it (since we are Ohio State). The padding for each section should be adjustable. I am trying to add a date and our URL at the top, right underneath the logo at the top, but the forced padding for both the logo and the "pre-header" tool that I am using for the date and URL are making things just look really awkward. One last point, I think that you should make all of the blocks available to any newsletter template, because we may be able to personally customize them for our own needs. There is a block in one of the templates that allows for three pictures and short descriptions underneath. That is not available in most of the templates (even the blank template?). I think it makes sense for the less tech savvy users to keep things as limited as possible, however you could divide the blocks that are "recommended" for the them, and then add "other blocks" in a separate section below or something so that people realize that unless they know how to edit them, that they are not within the intended design of the template. I do appreciate that you need to keep things as fool proof as possible when you are making these designs work and look good in a mobile environment as well, but I do think that it is important to be able to customize things a little bit more than what is currently available.

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1.) The new interface doesn't seem to have been designed around any kind of workflow we would normally use. FYI, our main use of Constant Contact i to send out a newsletter to a worldwide subscriber base 6 days a week. We preload e-mails up to eight weeks in advance from a template, with departmentalized content that changes daily. We add the "headline" item for each day 1-5 days before publication and then schedule. 2.) The increased amount of white space makes navigation much more cumbersome. 3.) We miss the Reports graph.
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Agree with the above.  Too large of fonts - too much space - too long to sort back through previous campaing.   Too pretty!  

The new layout is very frustrating. We many times will need to go back and look at past sent emails and now to have to search and scroll through hundreds of sent emails is extremely time consuming. This is not an improvement whatsoever from the old layout where you could choose page 1-10+ for the email you are looking to recreate/reference. I can't be the only one with this frustration....are there any considerations to changing that feature back to the old feature that was actually helpful and made my day more productive?
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Brilliant, you have gone the way of micro-soft-brain, gmail, paypal and every other stupid and irrelevant website found in the worlds today! I now need to click 5 times where I once clicked 1x. I now need to page down and page down and page down through wastelands of white space. Just fantastic, you have created a device for WASTING MY TIME
please, please go back to the old format. This stinks!
The changes that have been made to the site have actually made working in it more time consuming and more difficult. The thumbnails were an instrumental part of our organizational plan, it takes more clicks to get to the desired status categories and if I want to look at an older email, I have to scroll through the entire list of over 1700 emails to locate the one I'm looking for instead of having the pages feature at the bottom that allowed for a much quicker way to access older emails. Redesigns are meant to make the site function better. I have found the opposite is the case. We humbly ask you bring back the thumbnails and the pages feature at the very least. Thank you.
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Hi! After the change I don't like that the little preview picture of a campagine dissapeared - that was easy to identify at first glance. the side works slower. And still Polish characters are not handled. regards asz
These changes to the email platform are really bad. Most of the features that made CC, worth using are gone. The competitive change like tagging and better optin forms and solid integration with all list in zapier are still lacking. But you all change what was working and useful. We are pretty sure this is not the platform we need to continue with the kind of changes you all are making.
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I thought Constant Contact did a good job with reminding users that archived emails before 2013 would be going away.

However, I do agree with the pages view. I am often looking for old emails and found the page functionality very useful, since I could jump a few pages ahead. What would be even better is a search functionality but that doesn't even exist. I have also spent WAY too much time searching for emails, and no - I didn't put everything in the folders so it's hard to find them. 

I HATE that you took off the thumbnails of every campaign. There's not even a Subject Line on the My Campaigns page. It's impossible to find an old campaign without opening every file. Please change it back!
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When i edit an email letter and schedule, the site comes back to the campaign section with a few letters, then you have to click view all campaigns. Too much work......please delete that window. Thanks.
I HATE the changes you have made to the email templates. Before, I could do them in my sleep, now, I can't even get my logo on, HATE, HATE, HATE it
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I have been a Constant Contact user for over 15 years and it seems to me every time you do an "improvement" the typset gets fainter and fainter. Pale blue and mid gray tones on a white background is hard to read. Some of the print almost fades into the background. In general your product has gone from pretty good to almost unuseable our purposes. And to my thinking the whole website just looks like generic boilerplate, no character to it. And certainly not user friendly.

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Why the need for text and file titles to be so HUGE and to take up so much room on the page? The previous layout allowed us to see up to 25 email 'campaign' names on one page. There was also a nice feature at the bottom of every page where you could go to page 2, 12 or 20. This is NOT a user-friendly design. Why not create more templates to choose from instead of continually re-designing the interface???
Carol FishmanC424607707
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Please please please please give us a way to look through our older emails, like page numbers. It takes forever when the only thing you can do is click "Show More Items"

Dear Engineering Team: I have having difficulty finding my email campaigns. They organized by date of when created. The old system was easy to locate email campaigns and events immediately. Not so any more. Also, difficult to locate items on my Smart Phone. Someone who has used Constant Contact who is helping me has also expressed difficulty. Up until now, I have been Constant Contact has been stellar-customer service and the technology. I have been a Customer for several years. I am very seriously going to start looking into other email marketing programs. Ron Visconti
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No matter how good a WYSIWYG editor gets, it is never perfect.


Where is the HTML option?



It is very frustrating not being able to copy/paste from another (uneditable) source without the ability to fix the errors.

I found no way to correct double-spaced text and other "copied formatting" without resorting to an HTML edit.


Some things just can't be fixed unless done manually.



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Bring back the automatic line/bar chart reporting comparing campaign stats. It was much easy to get to (one click) and easy to see trends over time at a glance. I prefer the older format significantly to the new reporting. The new look requires more clicks to select campaigns, doesn't easily display trends over time, and shows far less information.

Hi @RonV


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us in the Community! I've moved your post to our dedicated feedback area to ensure that it is tracked and seen by our product teams here. 


I have not used the new website yet but I would like to say that it becomes very frustrating when your team continues to change the navigation and look of the site. I am sure it is with good intention, but as soon as we become familiar with the change, it changes again. I love Constant Contact and for this reason I continue to use the site, despite the frustration. It would be nice to have consistency for a while. Thank you. Kind regards, Natalie 

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