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Dislike update

I would like to be able to choose from a few different styles of buttons. In one of your mobile-friendly newsletter templates (It has a blue and orange theme and a featured story/news with a picture, etc.) there is a square button at the bottom for "Contact Us"...which I cannot change the style of. Then if I add other buttons, they have rounded corners...also, adding another button forces a new block, why am I not able to add a button to an existing block? I cannot change the background color for the social share block, I don't see why a white background (or any color I choose) isn't available. Also, I would like to be able to create my own custom dividers, and other graphics. For example, in one of your other mobile templates, there is a divider that has two horizontal lines with a break in the middle for a small graphic (three squares or diamonds or something). I would like to make a custom single line divider with three little buckeyes or a buckeye leaf in the middle of it (since we are Ohio State). The padding for each section should be adjustable. I am trying to add a date and our URL at the top, right underneath the logo at the top, but the forced padding for both the logo and the "pre-header" tool that I am using for the date and URL are making things just look really awkward. One last point, I think that you should make all of the blocks available to any newsletter template, because we may be able to personally customize them for our own needs. There is a block in one of the templates that allows for three pictures and short descriptions underneath. That is not available in most of the templates (even the blank template?). I think it makes sense for the less tech savvy users to keep things as limited as possible, however you could divide the blocks that are "recommended" for the them, and then add "other blocks" in a separate section below or something so that people realize that unless they know how to edit them, that they are not within the intended design of the template. I do appreciate that you need to keep things as fool proof as possible when you are making these designs work and look good in a mobile environment as well, but I do think that it is important to be able to customize things a little bit more than what is currently available.

Not applicable

Change is disruptive no matter what; the jury is still out on the verdict here.

I know how much time and approximately how many clicks it took to get an email out the door before.  I'll allow some extra b/c the UI is new, but if it becomes cumbersome rather than useful, well, this is an unhappy camper.  I will look at it as a incentive to do some really good list management before we move to another service, I guess. (Not wanting to move - not wanting to configure all sorts of new things, but if needs be, I will.)


Regular Participant

Also do not care for the different "Reporting" section. Before I could easily compare Industry percentages to our own, to get an idea of how well (or not) we might be doing on our Opens, Clicks, etc.


New update is not functional for our business. Please go back to the old one!
older one was much better. Campaign section and individual campaign titles take of all screen space.
I liked the old layout for the Constant Contact website. It was far more intuitive.
Frequent Participant
The new layout feels very claustrophobic and it doesn't show what time an e-blast is scheduled to go out (ETA) on the Campaigns tab. Wish there was an alternate layout or a way to opt into the old one. All of my team members too are complaining about how cluttered the new layout feels as well.
Occasional Participant
I absolutely hate your new interface. It's "klunky". I much prefer using "unused" templates. At least, give us that option.
Occasional Participant

I hate this new format that I'm seriously thinking of leaving cc.    Its impossible to find things its counterintuituve and horrible.  It was great before why waste all that time and money to fix something that worked perfectly.  

Occasional Participant
I'm really unhappy with the new editor. I wish it still allowed the capability to access and edit the html of individual blocks to truly make them customized to our needs, without having to build the entire html from the ground up. I'm also very unhappy with the reporting page, and only being able to see the last 50 campaigns. I much preferred the organization and features that came with the older 2GE version; it was more intuitive to use. This redesign was not a step forward. My company will be looking into alternate email services.
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