Don't bother posting here; you will get no meaningful response.

Here in the Email Campaign Experience, 9 suggestions have been marked as a "Certified Great Idea." But there is NEVER any update or information following that designation to tell you what CC is doing with the idea. One suggestion has the designation "Coming Soon." It's had that designation since mid-January. In mid-March, someone posted to ask, "Any idea WHEN?" There has been no response!!

Just take a look through the postings, and you will notice that Constant Contact NEVER gives any meaningful response to these suggestions. In one case, the CC rep said, "These are great suggestions! We will share any updates on any of these things as soon as we have them." It's been two and a half years, and they've said nothing more about it.

Constant Contact will tell you they like your idea, but they will NEVER tell you anything about what they're doing with your idea.

Status changed to: Open Questions

Thank you again for the feedback Doug.


As we had discussed previously in our phone conversations we are in the process of working on how to better keep our Community threads up to date.  We now have 6 resources on the VOC team that are responsible for monitoring feedback and responding with updates for their area of expertise.

Also, after your conversation with our VP of Product Management he touched base with me and we agree we can do a better job in this Community of communicating our plans for what will and won't be worked on.  In the past we have made the majority of our updates when something is finished and has been released, but we agree that we should be giving more updates along the way.  

I understand the confusion on the definition for each status. That was available prior to the new re-design. We are actively working on getting those back in the forum. I have posted each status and its definition. I hope this helps:

New - These ideas are brand new and haven't been reviewed by our team yet.
Open Questions- We need some more information or clarification on these ideas.
Voting Open- Vote for these ideas so we know you would be interested too!
Certified Great Idea- Once an idea has enough votes we get it on the product teams "to do" list!
Coming Soon- These topics are planned for the next couple of months!
Closed -  Not enough votes - These ideas didn't get enough votes while they were open. Feel free to start a new post if you have a similar idea.
Closed - No Action - These ideas we can't take any action on. Check out the comments for the details.
Closed - Indirectly fixed - These ideas were fixed as part of another fix! The comments will give you the details.

Again-- we really appreciate the feedback .  We are always looking for ways to improve, and that is why the customer voice is very important to us.

Status changed to: Closed - No Action
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