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Dynamic Links

Dynamic Links

It's extremely frustrating that you do not support dynamic links, either through the normal editor or advanced html editor.  This makes it impossible to have a customer click a link in the email and move themselves to a different link (I can't even send them back to my site without then forcing them to login, the create an email list change page...this is a terrible experience).


Ideally allowing us to create a link in the editor where we can insert a string and a contact variable would be ideal, but simply allowing us to store a link as a custom field and then referencing that field ($Subscriber.custom.CustomField1..2..3, etc) in a <a href> tag in the advanced editor would work.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Any update on whether this will become available in the 4th generation editor?  Without this feature, we may be forced to go with a different vendor.

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Yes, brought up the same issue in July.  We need to have dynamic links. Or find another service that does.


Constant Contact Moderators:


So how does this work, as this request has been open for months now and is a very basic request your competitors ALL support.


Without this feature it is impossible to have a person click a link in an email and move between email lists (for instance, a text and a video version).


Any update here?  This has been opened for a month (and apparently requested many times before)



At this time I don't have an update for you. To be honest, this isn't at the top of the features list so we don't have a plan to implement the ability to include dynamic links in the editor in the near future. That being said, your votes and comments here do indeed count and are reflected on the development teams tickets so they can keep track. I'll share any update to this topic as we have it. 


Just making sure no one has forgotten about this :smileyface:


any chance this has showed up on a release schedule in 2018?

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Fingers crossed that it has !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Are dynamic link capabilities available yet? I will have to take my clients elsewhere if not.

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Nope, not yet.  And no word when it will.............

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Please move this to the top of your development list!!!!  This is so basic of a request.

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Hi, not sure if this is the right thread, but please could you consider making it possible to change a link when an email has been sent, instead of copying and sending a whole new email?  I used a link to a third party webpage on an email which changed overnight with no warning, and instead of just being able to update the link in the email (not many of our recipients had actually opened yet), I had to resend the email - this is really frustrating for our users.


Thank you