Early Results email should be unchecked by default

I have unchecked send me early results and it still sends me early results. Next time I changed the e-mail early results go to - when I go back into the newsletter to check (edit mode), it reverts back to the original email address. This is clearly a programming bug that needs to be fixed quickly

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This is not a new idea - I have seen others post about it, but I received a message from Marissa_R (Moderator) asking me to share it here.  


The Early Results check box is set to default to "Send Early Results" and has to be unchecked if I don't want them.  Even worse, the default receiver of the Early Results is not myself (the account administrator) and defaults to a person who DOES NOT want to receive them. So if any user forgets to uncheck the box, it's a problem.


Could you please change the default to "unchecked"?  THANKS!!!


Elizabeth Ignasher

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Christ Episcopal Church


Thanks for posting this feedback!


Can I vote for this idea 27 times? THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE! Or that the very least, you need to be able to change who the default is! Huge problem.

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Even worse, I now cannot change who receives the email, nor can I turn it off!


Is anyone else having this problem?



I am sorry to hear this! Are you working in a draft or already sent email?

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You recently changed the report generated at roughly 48 hours after eMail transmission. The information provided is Ok, HOWEVER, at least in my case, It would be better if it ALSO included: Actual number of eMails opened, and The total number of eMails sent. we keep metrics on our eMails, and if these two additional bits of information were provided, it would SAVE me the TIME to login and separately capture this information. Thanks, Bill Cooper Forte Grove

Thank you for posting this feedback!

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I turn it off on each e-mail and then send and yet in about half I still get the report. I would like to permanently disable the report because the statistics are wrong and misleading. If you want too know why or care anything about it, **Removed By Moderator**


Is there a way to not have the early results email box checked by default?

I should be able to select the additional option, not have it automatically select it for me. Also, it would be nice to be able to set the default address for the additional option.

HI @TrinityAdmin

Which additional option are you referring to?

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I agree. This early results report should be editable - once! The original email in ours belongs to someone who left the company, and he's getting annoyed!

can't we have it sorted in date order?
be able to sort by date being sent-
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Wow, why is this still a problem after years?

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Yea, this has literally been discussed for multiple years now... 

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And it is such fun to go back and re-un-check the box each time. If you unschedule and then reschedule, YIPPEE it becomes checked again!  If you start to set it up and then realize you need to edit the email before schedulingm, YIPPEE it becomes checked again.  

I realize - lots of people are giving feedback on lots of things, and it is probably a great challenge for CC to keep track of it all.  
I am volunteering to serve as a test case for a CC employee to come to my office and spend just an hour or so seeing the issues in real life. Beautiful Charleston, SC - surely someone wants to come here on CC's dollar??

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this is a super simple change ofr the CC team to make. either a setting so you can change the default status of the tick box for "email early results" or just change the default to unticked. another setting would be to default the email address to the recipient of the replies. I know get lots of the initial results because my email is the default but i am the account administrator and have no interest in the email, much more useful to the users actually sending the emails...

so simple to change, yet its been years it seems.

come on CC, you change the UI every few months, this is so much easier, please listen to your users!

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