Easy way to insert a pdf flyer into a campaign email.

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It would be helpful to have a very easy, straightforward way of including "flyers" in pdf format directly into a campaign email (i.e. NOT using a link to go to it).  The "block" menu on the right has an "image" button ~ which makes adding images easy.  In fact, I often just end up taking a screen shot of my flyer and inserting it as an image since it is so simple. if you could add a button that would do the same for a pdf it would be great. 

Status changed to: Coming Soon

Any idea WHEN it will be available?



Good afternoon @Florida_Region_President,


At this time we are not planning to put this feature into the legacy version of our editor, which it appears you are using in your account.  We have this option available in our Next-Generation editor, and you have the ability to upload pdfs as images in you library, which you can then insert into your email.


If you're interested in having us move you over to our new editor our Support Team can help with that, or you can let me know!


If you want to stay on your current editor, here are the steps you would need to do that: https://knowledgebase.constantcontact.com/articles/KnowledgeBase/9448-create-an-image-from-a-pdf-whi...


Thank you again for your feedback!



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