Edit a scheduled email without unscheduling it

Dear CC Team,



It happens all the time that you need to make a small copy tweak to an already scheduled email. You have to unschedule it, make the tweak, and then reschedule it. 


Can't we eliminate these unschedule/reschedule steps? 


Yes, I know. CC remembers the scheduling, so I don't have to re-enter the details. But why make us jump through these hoops?



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I usually send a message every sunday night at 7. My assistant had scheduled the message before she left for the day and sent me a screen shot of the confirmation page which showed that she had left off one mailing list. So, I went in to correct it and then hit the "schedule" button, which used to say "send" if you had the option selected for it to send immediately.


Seeing the word "schedule," and it having been scheduled before when I unscheduled it, I felt comfortable hitting that button and boom! I sent my message a few days early.



Luckily, everything in it was correct and it was ready to go out, so it turned out to be a best case scenario, but it would still be nice to make sure that scheduling details remained in place when the email is unscheduled and/or the button to confirm your message to send matches the sending method - right away, or scheduled out.


Second, it would be great for there to be a bit of wiggle room between hitting "send" and when the message goes out as a second line of accidental sending defense.



Finally, I think it would be great for a confirmation menu to pop up - "are you sure you want to send your message?" as a safeguard. 


I think these options should be made a very high priority. I imagine it happens pretty often, especially when people are making quick changes like I just did. Especially since it used to not happen.

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Thank you for posting this feedback!

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Thanks for posting this feedback!

why must you have 2 steps to unscheduled emails/edit? First I have to click 1 drop down screen then click another drop down before getting to email to either edit or reschedue

I love the new Constant Contact layout and features, but I have a request. The old version had a 5 minute delay before it would actually send an email out. This is a great feature because there have been times in the past when I need to cancel/fix something. I just sent an email and didn’t realize my email address was connected instead of our marketing email address. I couldn’t stop the email from sending! I'm sure I'm not the only one who occasionally needs to cancel a previously schedule email. Is this a feature I am missing or something you got rid of? Any chance to add it back? This is worthy of me looking elsewhere. 

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Very disappointing to see that no action will be taken on this ticket.

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