Edit date format for RSVP action block

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Hello we are using your RSVP box for an event and the month format is in US (M/D/Y) and not what we use in Australia (D/M/Y). Is there a way this can be changed?

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Hi @GeoCatch . Thank you for the idea and I can see how this would be useful for countries that do not use the MM/DD/YYY format. I'll open this up for voting.

Real Estate
It would be nice if the Date in the RSVP form could be written out instead of all numbers. For example: October 28th, 4:00 pm - 6:30pm . Instead, right now it reads: 10/28/21 4:00pm - 10/28/21 6:30pm US/Arizona . It would also be nice if the RSVP form fields were optional instead of mandatory.
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