Edit the text version of a custom code email

The new custom code editor no longer appears to support 1) text-only versions of emails, and 2) a checkbox that adds a "Have trouble viewing this email? Click here" link to custom emails. We need both for our custom email campaigns. We've found where we can get to the old custom code editor (where these features are still available), but if this old editor gets phased out, we will no longer be able to access these features. Can you add them to the new custom code editor?

The editor should not have been changed. I can't even see the 'Text' version any more. This was not broken and did not need to be fixed. There should be an option to continue to use the prior editor, that had worked flawlessly for over 15 years!!!
Status changed to: Voting Open
Previously you could enter your own plain text version. Now it is auto-generated and in one long line with no returns, so it is not very readable.

This is a huge problem for my company as a lot of our contacts are to government, towns, contractors, etc. Our emails end up looking very suspicious and people assume it's spam because the 'text version' is just a bunch of gibberish now. 


Please bring back the text-only editing! It shouldn't have been taken away to begin with. 

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