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Editable table in Custom HTML campaign

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Editable table in Custom HTML campaign

Hi just wondering if there is a way of having a editable table box in a custom XHTML/HTML. because in our company we have designers that design the campaign and i'll program it, but when there is a copy change in an campaign i would like our editor/account manager to have the ability to just login and change it them self. 


so i think it could be a good idea to just insert a td class="editable" and just have a non programmer the ability to edit a copy. there is a similar platform that do that kind of editable table already just wondering if you guys have it.



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Thank you for reaching out with your feedback to us. I want to make sure I understand exactly what it is you are looking to do. Is it that you want the ability to edit HTML in an email so someone who isn't familiar with HTML can later edit the email?