Editing Linked Version of Newsletter

Is it possible to edit an archived/linked version of a newsletter? The problem I have encountered is that the newsletter looks just fine in my preview section and in the e-mail when I send it out, but then when I want to share the archived HMTL version, I notice extra spacing in the text or around certain punctuation that I want to fix. 

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Status changed to: Voting Open

Hey @RogerN, thanks for sharing your feedback! At this time, we suggest making a copy of your campaign, make the edits that you need to make, and then schedule the campaign to a list that includes only yourself. This way, you aren't resending the same campaign to your contacts. From there, you can archive the corrected version of the email. I know this isn't ideal and understand that at times, it may be necessary to edit the archived version of an email. I've opened this idea up for voting so users can "Kudo" it as well as share any ideas or use cases they may have. 

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