Email List Selection When Copying Email Campaigns

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I noticed that when I copied an email campaign that the contact list associated with the original email also copies over now. Because many of our emails are similar, but are sent to different lists this update is slightly problematic for us. While I see how this feature could be beneficial for some (to include some of our emails we send out), I think it would be helpful to make it an optional feature that is selected in the copy process for those emails that need to be sent to an entirely different contact list. Is anyone else running into this issue as well?

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Thanks for pointing this out.This is actually a defect we're aware of and looking to get resolved. I apologize for any frustrations this caused. I'll post an update when there's been a fix. 

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Thank you for the update. We first noticed this about a year ago and were told that a fix was in the works. When we didn't hear anything, were working on the assumption that it was something that we no longer had access to with some of the updates. Glad to hear that is not the case. Is there a time frame of when this issue is thought to be resolved? 



Hmmm, We were unaware of it until last week when we made a different change on the page. (This was unexpected). I'll do some additional testing to see what might have been happening a year ago.


I don't have a timeframe at this time. This isn't a priority for the next couple of weeks but we do know its an "annoying" change and can potentially result in accidentally sends. I'll keep voicing your concern and I'll absolutely post here when there's an update. . 


I discovered the hard way that when I copy a previous email in order to revise it for another purpose, it comes along with the lists I chose for the original email.  What's the point of that?  I revised a copied email with the intention of sending it to a completely different audience, but when I went to check off my desired lists, I didn't see that the lists from the original email were checked off  as well.  The result - my email went to a completely inappropriate audience as well as my intended recipients.


There's no reason to have the lists duplicated along with the email.  Please fix this feature.


I have been using constant contact at 2 jobs, and the version I am using this year is different than the one I used last year.  I was quite surprised to find out (retroactively) that in this version, when I copy a campaign to use it as a template for my new campaign, it ALSO copies the email list that the last campaign was sent to.  This was not true in the version I used previously.  This caused quite a commotion when I was trying to send a notice to our executive committee, but the original campaign that I copied had previously been sent to our full community of 2000 clients. I did not notice before sending the new campaign, since the full-client group was not visible in the initial display of email groups, but only in the scroll-down screen (which I saw no reason to check, based on my previous experience).


It would seem to me that the other (older?) version makes more sense.  Just because I am copying a campaign, does NOT mean I want to send it to the same list - and if I do, I can easily check off the list again.


Alternatively, perhaps a double-check warning before send - similar to Mailchimp, which asks if you are sure you want to send to x number of recipients.  Or, a warning that confirms the lists being sent to.


Agreed-I found out the hard way when a group was sent an email with the exact opposite message I wanted to send and caused great confusion! There's no good reason to copy a list unless its a party invite because contact lists are always evolving. I never saw an announcement that this change happened.

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