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please add a feature to transparency the boarder of an image. (this would make the defined outline of any image, gradient into white or any color behind it.) I have seen your team use it in marketing material. and it looks amazing. currently you can do this with another editor like photoshop and then just add to library for template use. just a thought thank you.
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Hi @DarrenO68 are you looking to add transparent backgrounds or borders specifically on your images or to your blocks over all?

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Can we make this happen? What's odd is that it already does in some of my emails but not others, so I'm wondering what email template allows for it?? And I can just use that one bc it IS already there, but not on each template. Should be an easy fix. The other fix might be to do this: #ffffff00 


Hi @FireWine at this time our Third Generation Editor Email Newsletters do not offer the ability of transparent backgrounds. Users are able to change the block's background color to match the background of the full email. What are some cases where you would want blocks with transparent backgrounds for?

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