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Email formatting

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It would be great if I could add space between paragraphs in a block of text, as in desktop publishing. It would be more efficient and eye catching rather than using a return which creates too large of a white space between graphs.

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Hi @FirstNameL98691 what type of spacing are you looking for? How does our spacer block not fit your needs?

I have more than 1 paragraph in a block of text. To insert a spacer block, I have to make every paragraph a different block of text which is time consuming and awkward. I want to be able to insert a space between graphs without creating several different blocks. For example, in Word, I can insert a return and make that line 8 pts -- smaller than the text itself; or I can format the paragraph for 4 pts after each graph, again smaller than the text. Thanks.


Hi @FirstNameL98691 are you looking to customize the line spacing in your paragraphs when making breaks?  If so, you can insert a return and set this to a smaller pre-set sizes of 1, 1.2, 1.5, and 2. Does this fit your needs?

Hi -- I tried that, but it didn't work. Even the CC tech rep tried it and it didn't work. Do yo you have a trick to do that?