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I recently attempted to begin using the new updated Constant Contact.  During this past year we did very little email marketing since our market had changed due to COVID.  When I tried to make an updated news letter for about 600 customers, I found out during a test that it would not work with Microsoft Outlook.  After contacting your on-line support and working with them for about 1/2 hour, they confirmed that the problem I was seeing was due to an incompatability of your platform with Microsoft Outlook.  That is a platform that many of our customers use, so we are now looking for another email marketing supplier.

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Hi @RobertK866 we're so sorry to hear this is the experience you've had with the images in your email campaigns! We have seen some cases where external image URLs does not display in the user interface and errors in Outlook. Were you also not seeing these images display in the user interface? In these cases we suggest editing the email in a different browser so the broken image can be deleted and replaced.


Reply from @RobertK866 

One of your team members actually said that he had entered the images
correctly, but when he sent it to me, it was still a jumbled up mess. Then
he said that your system ( Constant Contact ) would not work well with
Outlook. The old system seemed to work well for many years, but this new
system apparently does not. Let me know if I am wrong.

I am actually unsure which images/texts were distorted and/or misplaced.
When I saw the result, I contacted your technical staff. They manipulated
the model that I had constructed, thought that they had corrected it, then
saw that it was still messed up. That was when they said that your platform
would not work with Outlook. They did not say that some images needed to be
constructed differently s that they would work with Outlook. I am no IT
expert, which is one of the things that attracted me to Constant Contact
years ago - emails could be constructed by someone with my lack of
expertise, quickly and easily. If I need to become more of an IT expert to
simply send out emails, then the value of that service disappears. If, on
the other hand, with a few simple adjustments, I can continue to use your
service effectively and efficiently, then I am interested.


Hi @RobertK866 thanks for following up with these details! While this is not an experience all users are having it is something we are continuing to troubleshoot to see what we can do from our end to implement a fix. In fact what version of Outlook are you using? And can you please provide a screenshot of your email in Outlook with the missing images in it?

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