Email send address issues

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I am disappointed that the email send setting changed on this campaign. I do not want to ever ever ever send emails from one of the two email accounts on my profile. I always always always want to use the other one. It is very annoying to have to set this every time. It is even more annoying whenI do configure it properly and then something goes wrong on your end and you are not able to schedule an email to go out and the prompt is to try again. Then I miss changing the send email address AGAIN and NOW IT IT SENT FROM THE WRONG ADDRESS. You asked for feedback, so there it is.
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Hi @ac-nj_aauw we apologize for any confusion there may be with the addresses on your  email campaign. When creating your email campaigns do you copy the previously sent campaign or create new ones every time? The default from address on an email campaign is the default contact address. Are you looking to have your default contact address for any account related communications, different than the default from address? If so, what are the steps you're taking to make this edit in your account?

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