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I want to re-use email campaigns and landing pages from year to year, and that means adding new product at the top of the email or landing page. It would be great if the product photo and descriptive text could be moved around easily, like moving tiles.

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Hi @CathieC6. To clarify, would this be moving the product block within the same email or between different copies of emails? 

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Yes, that's correct, Caitlin. Within the body of the same email (or landing page).


It would also be incredibly time-saving if I could save a product page URL with the product image, as a default. Then I wouldn't have to add the link to the image each time.




Hi @CathieC6. Thank you so much for replying. You can move entire layouts using the cross icon to the right of the block.  The option will appear when your cursor hovers over the block. See this article (view heading called "Moving Layouts") for a screenshot of what this looks like. Does this help?

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