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Emails to Promotions in Gmail

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Emails to Promotions in Gmail

Many of my contacts are reporting that my emails are not going to their GMAIL inbox but going into the promotions. Why is that? It even happens to these CC emails that are sent to my email address. I have talked with many people who use other services and they claim that does not happen.
CTCT Employee

Hello @DonnieB59. Thank you for reporting this.


Many Constant Contact emails will go to the Promotions tab. The following FAQ has some information on why that happens and what you can do to try and avoid it:

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Make it not go into gmail promotions tab make it go to primary inbox instead.  Not everyone reads the promotions tab.

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You'd think the number one email service on the internet would be able to get an email to land in the Primary Inbox of gmail.

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As a subscriber, we pay for a service and expect that our emails will be delivered as an email, not a promotion!


CC should be able to provide better service!