Export Additional Campaign Details in Reports

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It would be nice if we can export a list of the campaign names and URLs. This could be included in the reports export or make another export feature on the campaign tab. Like a quick export of Campaign name, URL, Sent Date, and Open Rate. 



Status changed to: Open Questions

@TotallyTypepad Thank you for the feedback.  Are you looking for this information to be included in any of the campaign reports you can currently export or are you looking to be able to just export Campaign name, URL, Sent Date, and Open Rate for multiple campaigns?

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It would be nice to have a report you can run from the campaign page that give you the Campaign name, URL, Sent Date, and Open Rate for multiple campaigns. Maybe like when you export contacts, you can select what information you want to export. 


If it is easier, you can add it to the export from the Reports page. 

Status changed to: Voting Open

@TotallyTypepad Thank you for the additional details.  I have opened the idea up for voting.

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