Extra step now when pasting link for text or image

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The changes you've made recently for creating emails has added an extra step. Before, when I would click on the menu to add a link, the box was highlighted, so I could just paste in the link. Now, I have to click on the box where the text goes. It is no longer highlighted. So when I post a story with a photo, with links to text and image, I have to click two more times in order to paste the link text. This is not an extra step that is needed. Please change back to previous method. Thanks.

Hi @LeonardB3. I'm not sure I completely understand the process you are outlining to add a link. Between the third-generation editor and our cross-platform editor, the process to paste in a link, creating a hyperlink, or a linked image are using the same exact number of clicks. It would be very helpful to provide us with a video of how you are inserting links or a listing out a step-by-step process so we can attempt to replicate it.

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