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It would be VERY helpful to have a "Send" option that allows the emails to be broken up and sent out at different times. Right now I have to manually split my list up and send it out. If we have 5000 emails and had the option to send 1000 an hour or 1000 ever 3 hours for example... it would be helpful. It helps so when we run promotions that we don't get overwhelmed with calls. Or if we have the state coded on our lists... if we had the option to send by time zone. So if we selected to send at 8am, it would send the ones in Eastern time zone first, then an hour later the Central time zone, etc...
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Great Idea, thanks for posting! We're working on a way to test subject lines so I wonder if we could use the same approach for time-to-send. Have you found one time is more effective for your audience? 

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Thanks for the feedback! Due to the number of votes this has received we will be marking this as closed. Feel free to reach back out at any time to submit your idea to us again!

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