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I had a feedback popup yesterday and responded but forgot to add this:
Graphics are no longer showing up from the computer view on preview whether before it is sent or after...They do show up in the actual email that goes out but when I share on social, the link takes them to what looks like the preview page that does not show the graphics. It's been going on probably since the last update. I kept thinking it would correct but hasn't yet.

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Hi @RussellW03 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We're sorry to hear your email isn't displaying as it should. Are all of these images hosted in the Library of your Constant Contact account, or are any third-party hosted images affected? Who is the your Internet Service Provider? Are you using an antivirus or a firewall/ad blocker? If so, which one? What type of computer are you using, Windows or Mac computer? What email client are you viewing emails through? Incase where images do not display in a preview or the email editor we suggest making sure all of the web domains used by Constant Contact are safelisted.

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