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Fix Quicksend feature back to 5,000 contacts

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It was a very useful feature, we reduced the number of new campaigns sent while improved dramatically our open rate.




" QuickSend allows you to select an individual contact or up to 5,000 contacts ........ "



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Hey @GuillermoG44, thanks for your feedback! I took a look into your account and it looks as though you're still able to quicksend to up to 5000 contacts. Are you getting any type of error when you try to do this? 

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Chris, find attached the message limited to 500 contacts that we get.Captura de pantalla 2018-10-31 a la(s) 16.42.00.png


Thanks for the additional information @GuillermoG44! The quicksend within campaigns is currently limited to 500 contacts. If you are wanting to quicksend the email to more than that, it would have to be done from the "Contacts" page. The limit for using quicksend within the Contacts page is 5000, as described in that article you mentioned. 


I've opened your feedback for voting though, as I understand the limit being increased to more than 500 in the campaign itself would be helpful.

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This new format just isn't going to work for us. We have an art gallery and send many email announcements. We always "resend" to "unopens" on multiple occasions. Now we can only send to 500. This means literally counting 500 & resend. Or, make up a whole new contact list of the unopens, copy the email and resend that way. If, as in the past, we want to resent more than once this whole process has to be repeated over and over again. Cumbersome, impracticable, time consuming and make absolutely no sense whatsoever for your customers or for you. In the past we were able to simply click the unopens and resend & click the opens and send to whatever list we needed. I can't speak for your other customers but wqe can not continue under this new way of sending emails with Constant Contact. Just to much time & trouble. I am hoping you will go back to the original method and just keep it simple. Thank you. Mac Worthington

I am in complete agreement with @GuillermoG44  and MacW. Why must there be any limit on the number of recipients for a Quicksend? If I can send out to an unlimited number of contacts why is it so difficult to Quicksend to a large list, too? It is a great source of frustration for me. It is not feasible for me to count and click 500 contacts at a time, especially since I have to Quicksend to over 5,000 contacts. I encourage your engineers to find a solution to this quickly. 


Additionally, the Knowledge Base portion of your help & support states that Quicksend can be sent to 5,000 contacts. We're receiving conflicting messages from Constant Contact. 

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The new limit of 500 contacts for the quicksend does not work for us. We need it back to the way it was before where we could quicksend up to 5,000. Having to create a new list and copying the original email makes it more difficult to keep track of the rates. In the help menu it still states that we can quicksend to up to 5,000 contacts.
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Quicksend needs to go back to 5,000 (or more!)  It is an incredibly useful way to monitor success rates of an individual campaign or to easily resend an email to folks that didn't open the first wave. I spoke to someone in support today and he couldn't provide any good reason that you reduced it except that some people found it easier to track with less people.   This is similar to your decision to take away the tables from the new system.  You are solving a small problem by taking away a lot of functionality.  Go BACK!

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You have recently removed tables from your editor and reduced the number of contacts allowed for quicksend.  In both cases you have removed functionality and made your system less useful and valuable.  I spoke to customer service today and the person I spoke to indicated that the main reasons these features were removed were to make things "simpler" and reduce complaints about formatting issues.  You may receive fewer complaints overall, but you are probably losing many customers who needed and valued these capabilities.  My guess is that the folks who were using the old features are much better customers than the folks that are complaining about not being able to use the functions properly as these functions indicate a more serious user with larger numbers of contacts.  Please reinstate these functions!!!!


This is pretty bad. The QuickSend feature should be able to go a lot more than 500. What is the reasoning for this?

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