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Font Sizes

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Font Sizes

I HATE that when I drag a block over to my template for an article that the fonts are different. The main article block allows me a nice neat, small font. The other blocks, that can go side by side, do not EVEN IF I TELL IT TO BE THE SAME FONT AND SIZE AS THE FIRST BLOCK. It's disappointing and it cheapens the look of my email! This ought to be a SIMPLE FIX!!!! I hope these comments aren't just going to the community, but going to the Constant Contact design team.
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Hi @CharlesM89

Thanks for posting this! Can you help me better understand what is happening? Are you pasting content into the block and the format is changing or are you having trouble getting the font in multiple blocks to look the same using the controls on the toolbar for the block?

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We haven't heard back on this thread so I'm marking this idea as closed.