Forward to a friend

Forward to a friend

I created an email using card/announcement and when I tried to add "forward to a friend", "join my mailing list" and permission reminder" I was not able. I would like to have the ability to use these functions in future emails that I create.

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Why does it take so long to bring back "forward to a friend?" It appears from this thread that many of us are missing that feature. As others have pointed out, it's easy to do with MailChimp, and if your list is on the smaller side, MailChimp is FREE.


It's frustrating that I can only have subscribers share to social media and not directly via email. Also, if I use that function and include icons/links to my company's social media, it looks junky, so I need to pick one or the other. I tried the social media share buttons at the top and that's even worse.


Please bring back forward to a friend!

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You have to use the old editor to make forward to a friend work. Hopefully, CC will add this feature to the new editor as well. But the old editor is not really all that hard to manipulate, especially if you have a template.... Also, wish it would have an option for "Forward to a colleague" or something businessy, since many of use CC for biz-biz.... 

We would really like for there to be a forward option at the bottom of the email. We've had the problem where someone would forward the email and the new recipient would unsubscribe as the original person who forwarded them the email. It just messes with our system of who wants the emails and who doesn't. I hate that I have to use the old version just to get that option on my emails.
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Please!!! This is causing a lot of issues for my team members who I send out campaigns for, including THEM getting unsubscribed when they forward from their email platforms. Thank you.
We have a very senior board member who continually gets unsubscribed because she forwards our emails to her friends. Those people unknowingly click unsubscribe thinking that will take THEM off the list, but it takes HER off the list. I just called in to your customer service number to ask how to at least get the "Forward to a Friend" option in the footer, only to learn that it was removed for the version we are using and being revamped because of problems. On top of that, the young man that I spoke to was not at all friendly or professional in the way he answered my questions. His ultimate answer when I asked when the new feature would be rolled out was "No idea."
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We had the same issue with our newsletter template. Right now you have to use the LEGACY templates to have the forward to a friend feature. They said they are working on it, but honestly, it's been a couple of years and they still keep pushing the "new" template. But if you have the template as you like it, you may be able to recreate in Legacy. It's not really that hard once you understand the concept of blocks and what each one is for. Good luck, and I actually suggested calling it Forward to a colleague or friend or give you a it makes sense to whoever is receiving.... 

We would like the Forward to a Friend button to be added back to the template editor. It was useful in our newsletters created with legacy templates, and there isn't a substitute for the feature in the new version.

Please add again the forward to friend option like mailchimp.

I just learnt that a forwarded e-mail can be unsubscribed and in essence unsubscribe the person originally on the e-mail list. Then there is process which is not easy to get re-subscribed. My question is why was I not told about this issue , as I am sure I have lost numerous customers due to this issue? Why was this problem not explained to me earlier, as I am sure in was a known problem????

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I've used an old email template for a long time and decided to try one of your new ones for a campaign we sent today.  I'm really discouraged and disappointed!  First... my emails are going to spam more.  The headers look like junk email saying they were sent from the email on behalf of my email.  When I chatted with your chat service, they said it was because I had enable authentication selected.  I have NOT made any changes to my account settings so if that is selected... it was either added by you or has been there all along.  NONE of my previous emails showed the email.  They looked like they were from the email address I selected.  HIGHLY disappointment in this.


Then, some of my favorite features are missing.  We used to be able to add an email address so customers could click to send an email and there were advanced settings so I could set the Subject line and body message.  That's not there anymore.  There are quite a few others missing now too.


To top it off... when I chatted with your rep to ask for an email address to send my feedback to, I was directed here.  I told him I did not want to call or go to a forum... I wanted an email address, but I was denied.


Don't you find that ironic... that you are an email company... but you don't allow your customers to contact you by email?  What the heck?


Not a happy camper.

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Looking to be able to have a button to be able to give readers of my email the option of sharing my email via email.


If you were really listing to use you would have put this feature back into play as according to this link: 


many people been asking for this feature since you removed it in 2017 but guess you don't listen to customers.