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I would like to have a search option in the side bar when i want to add a graphic to my campaign. Right now, I have to get out of the campaign, go to the library to search, then go back to the campaign to find the graphic. Would be nice to have it in one place.
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Hi @KarolineW what type of campaign are you working in where you are in need of this search bar? Are you looking for a search bar where you can type in the name of your saved image or one where you can scroll through thumbnails of your images?

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When I am building an email newsletter (campaign) and I select "Images" I have the choice to sort by new/old, old/new, A/Z or Z/A, but if I don't remember the name of a file that I used a year ago, I have to leave the campaigns area, go to the Library and search there.  If there was a way to search in the "images" panel, it would be great!


@KarolineW how would you like to search through the images panel on your email campaign? How does scrolling on this pannel not fit your needs?

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As a church, I often use a specific graphic for the same event each year. I currently have 464 graphics in my library. That means, when i want to find a graphic i have used in the past, i have to either guess on the name or sort the panel by date and try to find items that way - but sometimes they were added last year or two years ago or three years ago - you see my problem.  Otherwise, i have to go into the library and search there to find the name, then go back to the panel and sort by name.  It would be much easier to be able to search right there in the panel. it would be much more efficient.


@KarolineW if searching by name, or by date does not fit your needs, how are you looking to search for your images in the email image panel?

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