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I wish there was a way to group objects in emails. I use three dividers in my campaigns to create a cool effect, but when I need to move them I have to individually move them, so if there was a way to group them and move them together that would be cool.

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I can understand how helpful it would be to group or lock sections of your email together to easily edit your design. Where would you look for a feature like this to exist in your email? Would you want it to only apply to only dividers or other blocks as well?


Has this comment been addressed? I would like to be able to group blocks together.  When I create a unique pattern of images and blocks and want to replicate or move to another section of the email it's difficult to move them each individually.


Hi @KennyK56 how does working with our pre-built layout blocks not fit your needs? Or the move icon available when you place your cursor over the layout you want to move?



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