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I used to be able to access the HTML code level and edit a section of an email I was working on. Now, if I want to access the HTML code the only option is to do the entire email from scratch. PLEASE put the other option back! It makes a big difference, being able to tweak something in an email template I've created without having to start from scratch.
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Hello @PaulineS56. For what reasons would you need to access HTML in order to make adjustments? 


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Hi Caitlin,


We are a real estate company and I send out email blasts for the properties we are selling or leasing. Each property has different agents representing.


I used to be able to go in and copy a section of HTML code and paste it into another section. This helps a lot, for instance, when I want to switch the real estate agents info on that email blast.. Right now, without that capability, I have start from scratch every time.


PLEASE put that capability back into Constant Contact!


Thank you for that information. Would this information be copied between different campaigns? If we were to add the ability to save blocks for reuse between campaigns, would this fit your needs?

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offers an html copy block so you can use their drag and drop campaign for most of the email and only insert the "code block" when you need to write code. This might help for a lot of the uses people want the code for. I am wondering if the Constant Contact developers have looked into this.

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I also need html tweaking.   None of our mail blasts will render properly in older email clients.  When i called CC support, I was advised that - as a workaround until CC would fix things - I could "remove the 's' in https" for every individual image.  That workaround is now impossible, because I can't reach the html anymore

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