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Hard to Locate Older Emails with this new Layout

Hard to Locate Older Emails with this new Layout

This new layout makes it DIFFICULT to find older emails. If I wanted to find an email I sent out a year ago, I would need to click "view more campaigns" until I find it. Before, I could simply enter a page number and scroll through pages that way until I found it.

Can I sort the list by date?
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Which date do you prefer?

Created Date

Modified Date

Scheduled Date

Sent Date

for events, the date of the event

or my personal favorite, Frustrated Beyond the Point of No Return Date


Users would benefit from the ability to sort by any of these dates, depending on the task at hand.  I vote for that.



1. view all lists would be more useful to me at the top of the lists ... quicker access means I would feel Constant Contact more friendly 2. would like to see campaigns lists per page in the campaign list of be able to get more like number of contacts per page campaigns
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Hi, it's time-consuming to move campaigns because I keep on having to go back to the top of the page and indicate which folder I want. Is it possible to have this option at the bottom of the page as well? Thanks
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Putting in a date or email topic for previous emails without spending time looking through all emails.
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One thing that is very time consuming that was changed on the site is the ability to look at the list of campaigns and choose a page # to go to instead and clicking 7 times to go to page 7 for instance. Can you put that feature back??
It is now very time consuming to go back and view the campaign done around the same time last year. Is there an easier way than keep loading all past campaigns?
Go back to being able to enter a page number... I'm looking for a file from a year ago and I have to keep loading... and loading... and loading.. when I could get a LOT closer by putting a number of the page roughly where I need to be!
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I would like to hear updates on this question. It would be helpful to be able to search by keyword to locate an old campaign. In some cases, it can take me 5 minutes to load campaigns I sent in June. 

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As a long-time customer and someone who has sent out hundreds of emails, why is CC now making it so hard to find a campaign from a year ago?

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Since the recent change in interface, it's been difficult to search for or retrieve information. If I want to see how many people I sent an email to a year ago, I have to hit "view more campaigns" button 30 times to find an email. If I click on it to get data, and then hit "back" it takes me all the way back to the beginning and I have to start over again. Please tell me there is a better way to search.

It is ridiculously frustrating that there is no "search" button to find old emails.  Who has time to keep scrolling through campaigns that take forever?!!  

PLEASE put the thumbnails back on the Campaigns page. Also the page numbers! If you are trying to find an old email and you go back a year, click on the email you think is right , and it is the wrong one, you have to hit the back arrow. It takes you back to the current dates and you have to scroll over and over again to get back to a year ago. With page numbers, I can just go back to the correct page immediately. I'm not a big fan of the changes to this website.
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I see that you've tried to update your site, but I have to admit that I really dislike having to go through all of my "campaigns" in order to locate an event in the middle of an entire list of emails. Is there a way to categorize without sacrificing all of the new changes you've made?
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In our organization, we often like to go back to an email we created a year ago, copy it, and modify it for a current email. Without the page numbers function on the campaign page, and without a way to do a keyword search (a function we never had!), you make it very difficult to find old campaigns.

We have to continuously keep telling it to "load more campaigns" over and over and over and over until we MAYBE come across what we are looking for. It is very tedious and really annoying!


Please please please make this high priority!! 

With much appreciation.


PS - I have asked for this before and I will continue to ask for it until it comes back!

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I understand change but this is terrible: 1. In Reports: I can't look up a campaign that is past 50 Campaigns since sent. I might send 75 to 100 in one day. 2. I have my campaigns into monthly folders. If I need to resend multiply campaigns from one month, I have to go to the Folder each time after sending the first one, etc. 3. To look up a campaign for the month of June or even July takes over an hour to keep hitting "View More Campaigns" . Need the arrows back, much faster. 4. I have to keep old Campaigns that have been copied in the current file, because if I look up an email address to see what was sent, it shows garble language because it when to delete file (old way did not do this). I'm sure there is more, but these are the most important to our organization. Please add to your list of repairs. Thank you, Donna Lawson HealthCare ConsultLink 888-258-1894

Bring Page Numbers back to Campaigns Page!


Please bring back the page numbers or add a keyword search.  Thank you!





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Previously, I could navigate to a certain page when looking through old campaigns. Please bring this back or include a search feature. If I need to look up a campaign from 2 years ago, it is EXTREMELY inconvenient to click the "view more campaigns" button 20 times.
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Right now, it takes 4 clicks to get to the editing window for an EVENT campaign email invite. Can a link be added earlier in the trail or possibly in the Event Campaigns dashboard Actions dropdown menu to allow quicker access to editing event email invites?

I can't find events because they are sorted by date created, not the scheduled date of the event. I am about to create my workshop series for the next year and there is not a "scheduled date" order listing. This is totally messed up. I am looking for e-mails that I have sent but now I have two places to look. One e-mail is tied to an event so I have to go to the event to find it. What if i have 3 events and maybe another e-mail that's not tied to an event that might be a reminder about 3 events in the same week? An e-mail is an e-mail is an e-mail. Put them all in the same place in the date order of when they were sent. And how can I be sure that posting to this community is getting to "the engineers?" I really want customer service to assure me that something is being done (Not discusssed for a future update) to fix the problem in the present! (no disrespect to the community) Can you tell that I don't like this new interface?