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Beginning Saturday 2/15 we will be upgrading our phone system to ensure we are providing you with the best possible experience.
Due to this upgrade, we will be limited to Chat support only on Saturday from 10-8 pm ET.
On Monday, President's Day, we plan to have both Chat and Phone support available from 10-6 pm ET on the new system.
Thank you for your patience while we make these important updates.

Hard to Locate Older Emails with this new Layout

Hard to Locate Older Emails with this new Layout

This new layout makes it DIFFICULT to find older emails. If I wanted to find an email I sent out a year ago, I would need to click "view more campaigns" until I find it. Before, I could simply enter a page number and scroll through pages that way until I found it.

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Several times a year we send out annual emails. We copy, modify, and send an updated version. We used to do this by quickly clicking on the "pages" near the bottom of the screen, knowing that roughly page 6 or page 7 would bring us to emails from a year ago. Now, we have to click the "view more campaigns" button and wait for the next batch of 50 to load, again & again until reaching the email we would like to copy. Haven't found another easy way to get to an old one and it slows down what was once a quick & easy process.
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Desperately need the ability to search through sent campaigns by name. A search bar would be fantastic. Too difficult to find everything alphabetically or by old-new. Also need ability to select number of campaigns per page (rather than having to keep clicking "view more campaigns.)
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With the new format I REALLY want the page numbers back so you skip ahead to emails (campaigns) much further back. We have close to 3,000 emails and this is taking now FOREVER. If you don't put this back you MUST have a search function.
The new update does not meet the needs of our business. We have too many events listed and need an option to pull it up by date. It is too time consuming to have to go through every event when we could just pull it up by a certain date. Please fix this immediately!
I definitely do NOT like the new layout. All my most recent emails and events used to be available on the homepage, and it was super easy to find and click on the email or event I want to work on. Now with the revamp of the homepage, not everything is listed on the homepage. It requires several more clicks before I could get to my events. Not a good design!!!
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Hey people - yes, it is a pain, but you can sort of easily work around it by using the browser's search function (assuming you're in a browser of some sort).  CTRL-F.    Trust me, it works - I have been using it all morning.

And, yeah, you do have to have enough of the campaigns loaded - the dreaded  "see more" button to be sure what you're looking for is probably on the screen.

While it has improved, very slightly, it still takes at least 20 minutes for me to go back to view past campaigns that I posted 8-12 months ago to copy for a new distribution. Will this ever be fixed so I can retrieve "old" e-mail campaigns in a timely manner? PLEASE DO SO AS IT WIL SAVE AN ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF TIME. Thank you!
Too difficult to manage and view ads quickly, cannot view by scheduled date, making it challenging to see what has already been scheduled to run
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The browser search is not a good workaround. All they need to do is get rid of the froufrou load more crap and add the old pagination back. The load more feature belongs on sites like pinterest where exploring is fun. No one wants to explore thousands of emails to find what they are looking for.

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A totally new interface is not productive. It takes time to learn where everything is. Not a fan of the latest updates!
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The new design is terrible. It's very difficult to find an email that was previously sent if it wasn't within the past few days.
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I strongly dislike that they removed the thumbnail previews for each campaign.  Adding those back in would help.

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yes. yes. yes.  I often need to see something from last year's event - the search is SOOO cumbersome right now!

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In the ALL CAMPAIGNS view: - it would be beneficial to have the page #s incorporated back. - In situations where campaigns that are not sorted in Folders (even with the Sort option) - it is very long and cumbersome to keep clicking "View more campaigns" and scrolling and losing your place once you click into a campaign for details.
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I would like to scroll through my campaign history without having to click on "view more campaigns" each time.
Searching for old emails is so much more time consuming now! We're trying to review our Annual Appeal campaign for 2015 and we keep having to click see more 10 times, then we finally get to Nov. 2015 and open one of the emails only to close out and end up back where we started. We really miss the pages option to search emails. If there is a better way to search please let us know!
I don't care for the new Campaigns page. I frequently look back at past campaigns and it was so much easier to do when I could select a numbered page and jump ahead. Now I have to keep clicking More Results to get to emails from 3 or 4 years ago? Too time consuming!
without page numbers, and not having a proper search function, you have made it virtually impossible to find an earlier version of an email to copy and revise - as a wine shop, we OFTEN have repeat emails for new vintages and you have just made our job MUCH harder.
Awful, terrible, non-intuitive, customer unfriendly, ridiculous, unhelpful, wasteful and completely unnecessary.
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HAHA, it is now more impossible to find past emails with your new content!!! I need to find an email from November, 2015. However, I have more than 2,000 emails and can no longer jump through the pages to get to that date!! Why can you add a search feature to find past campaigns. Very frustrating. Why doesn't CC check with your power users and get feedback before they make lame changes?!?!? Any ideas how to scroll thousands of emails?