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Hard to Locate Older Emails with this new Layout

Hard to Locate Older Emails with this new Layout

This new layout makes it DIFFICULT to find older emails. If I wanted to find an email I sent out a year ago, I would need to click "view more campaigns" until I find it. Before, I could simply enter a page number and scroll through pages that way until I found it.

Please Please Please put it back to the old way of viewing prior campaigns. The new way is horrible. If I need to go back to a campaign from 6 months ago to copy it, it can take me five minutes. There is no way to do it by search - there is no way to jump ahead like in the old method. I know I could potentially save it into a folder of some kind - but I have too many variants. I have used your product for years and years, and I'm being forced to consider new options because your change in user interface is hurting my productivity. Please - fix this. Thank you!!
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Hoping this is an easy change... Wondering why when I log on the four campaigns that pop up automatically aren't my most recent ones?  I always have to click on the "view all" tab to have it show my last campaign, which I always copy to make the next week's issue.


It would be nice if it automatically pulled your most recent four campaigns.  :smileyface:  Thanks!

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I'm not as happy with the new format for Campaigns. We used to be able to jump ahead to different 'pages' to reference old emails sent. Now, we can only "view more campaigns" - so if I am looking for a specific date, I have to keep scrolling. Would be nice if there was also a search feature to find a prior email by searching on a word or phrase. Quite often I have to create something similar to what had been sent in the past, and a search feature would make my work so much easier.
I am all for change and updates, but several features are missing. I would like to sort my campaigns by the date that they were sent, you can't do that. In the old format if you were looking at all sent emails you could jump to page 5 if you were looking for an older one. Now you have to hit "see more campaigns" repeatedly. I also used to sort the list by click rate or open rate depending on how I wanted to see things. Now my only options are last date modified and A-Z.

I totally agree....please bring back the old format. 


Thanks for the new update, but it is extremely annoying to navigate through.

  • Previewing emails is now more difficult. I need to click and open each on in order to preview. Having the thumbnail on the lefthand side was helpful.
  • Selecting a template had search options (right sidebar, left side bar, etc..) This should be brought back. I now have to search through all the templates and cannot filter down
  • Also, the nav bar should come back! It shouldn't be so hard to get to EventSpot, which i use frequently. 
Extremely Extremely hate that you changed that you have to scroll back to find old campaigns instead of going to former pages... waaay quicker and easier to find things during a certain timeframe (for example, you know you send a certain email every March). Did I mention extremely hate?
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"Campaign" Really? These are emails...your language is confusing. Can't find my old emails easily...scrolling through page after page - there is no 1-2-3-4-etc where I can guess where to go. How can you make an update and LOSE FUNCTIONALITY?
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How is you were able to keep campaigns from earlier than March 2013?  The rest of us had ours deleted as a matter of policy.


The Reporting page (which comes equipped with a search bar!) will show you the prior 50, which might be quicker on occasion.  Anything older than the prior 50, View More Campaigns is all you got.



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I immensly dislike the new features


you upgraded your look and downgraded you funtionality!

The new look is terrible you have taken away alot of functionality

1) no pages at bottom to search

2) the HTML option - to copy htmL

3) to edit the oictures - Thats really bad

4) no option to have saved templates - spent may hours making email templates you guys just deleted them in the switch over, no place to save them

5) search option is non exsistant- harder to find things


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I miss having page numbers at the bottom where I can skip back to a specific area in my past campaigns. The new format is VERY frustrating - I have to continuously click the "more campaigns" button at the bottom of the page and heaven help me if I actually want to view a campaign and then return to the campaign list to keep browsing -- I have to start all over again from the beginning. I've tried using the various sorting options, but it is still frustratingly time-consuming.
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I completely agree.  Bringing up very old emails is almost impossible, and takes copious amounts of time.  CC REALLY needs to fix this!!!

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Hi, I have 1700+ posts. In the older days, I could easily go to certain pages and zero in on a date. I don't think I can do that any longer. Now I have to scroll down a few posts at a time. Am I missing something?
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I love the new interface, but I'm hoping in the future a tweak can be made to how you VIEW MORE EMAILS. We do all date based emails here. The older version of the interface made it super easy to find an email by date. Now, I have to click VIEW MORE EMAILS a bunch of times to even find something from a year ago, and when I click on BACK once I view the email, I have to start the process all over again (which takes more time than you would think). If we could have the option to view the emails in page view like before, we would super appreciate it. I know another option is to make folders by subject/topic, but it would still require someone to go through VIEW MORE EMAILS to find something from the past. Any tips to cut down on the searching time would be greatly appreciated!

I really don't care for it at all!


It is cumbersome and you have done away with the template that I have used since signing up with Constant Contact.


It appears to me that the only objective with this new layout is to solicit extra revenue selling logos.


As a word of caution, I think you may find a lot of clients carefully considering your competition.



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Hi, I've complained before... the way new system is now structured is so not conducive to creating a calendar of events with concurrent, unrelated email marketing. Having events listed by created/modified date rather than by event date forces your users who create calendars of events in advance (entering all events at same time) to have to scroll thru their long list to find an event that's often buried in the list due to changes made later. You used to always be able to quickly see what's up next because it automatically was at the top of your list. This made responding to my CEO's questions about our email marketing quick, easy and accurate. Secondly, grouping the Status of events with emails creates a long list that makes it difficult to quickly find what you need--and especially confusing when email names reflect the event for which they are associated. Being able to click on the email tab, then select option to view what's scheduled or sent made it quick and easy to quick my boss up to date on what clients were receiving from us. Finally, emails attached to an event no longer display in the list of emails to be sent! So users have to combine information from two sections on your site to get complete picture of what's being sent when. I'm now paranoid about missing an event or email. You had the structure right before. Is there anyway to revert back, pretty please? I used to be able to easy to locate and modify both events and emails as well as to get an overview of what was happening when. This change has resulted in my having to call your support team six times in last three days. On that note, can you please shorten your phone greeting? It now takes 50 plus seconds just to get put into your Customer Support queue. I think it took 20 seconds before. It's very nice message, but not one that needs to take a minute of my time every time I now need to call for tech support. Thank you so much for taking these into consideration. I'm so looking forward to these changes. Otherwise, I'm afraid I will need to consider other email marketing services as this is taking way too much time. Thanks again!
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WOW! Thank you for letting us know and thank you Constant Contact for listening to your long-time customers! 


Sorry, I don’t' see how the page number box is any big improvement.  We still have to stab around at page numbers to find what we are looking for (we send an average of 28 emails a WEEK).  We have over 700 sent emails and we have been using CC for less than a year.  The fact that the items don't sort by sent date, but rather they sort by Created Date, further makes this page number option pretty USELESS.  They just need to put a search box at the top of the Campaigns page that functions like the search box found on the Reports page.  They obviously have the capability, since it is already present on their site.  I'm still very disappointed.


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When scrolling through the Campaigns the next page button show be at the bottom of web page as well as the top. Doesn't make sense the after scrolling down I have to go back to the top of the web page in order click the next page button.