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Hard to Locate Older Emails with this new Layout

Hard to Locate Older Emails with this new Layout

This new layout makes it DIFFICULT to find older emails. If I wanted to find an email I sent out a year ago, I would need to click "view more campaigns" until I find it. Before, I could simply enter a page number and scroll through pages that way until I found it.

I called last week, but I just want to say it again, I really, really don't like it. We have been doing CC email for quiet a few years, and do quiet a few per week, so if I need to go back one year, it takes forever to get to the email I am looking for, and if by mistake I copy the wrong one, I have to go back and do the same things again....can I go back to the old version?
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My campaigns are no longer in their folders. Sorting doesn't work. I just spent half an hour trying to find an old campaign, which was the half hour I HAD TO GET THIS WORK DONE! Your "new feature" is costing me time, and time is money. 


This is unacceptable. You rolled something out that was obviously not ready. 

The campaign is HORRIBLE! There needs to be a selection of putting them in order by date as we have too many events for the options listed.
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I am very frustrated that the update removed the option to search through old email campaigns via page number. This is something that we do often. Today, I wanted to find emails from a festival that we put on in 2013 for reference. Unfortunately, I am now unable to jump back by entering a page number. It took me 15 minutes to get through to the page I needed.
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The old version of the tab was neater with the list separated into pages. Now I have to scroll for an hour to find some older campaigns I'm looking for.
The new layout makes it VERY difficult to scroll through previous campaigns, as we have thousands. The past layout allowed you to go to pages deeper in the past by selected the numerical page via arrows or manually instead of having to keep refreshing for up to 5-10 minutes to get to the campaign you need. My recommendation would be to allow to search ALL campaigns, vs. only those that are visible on the page.
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The longer I have this format, the more I hate it. 


The A-Z filter does not work properly, 

I cannont see thumbnails for any of my emails. This makes it EXTREMELY HARD to find old campaigns. 

When I am scrolling through a list to look for older emails, it takes FOREVER to load them. 


I really dislike this new format. I wish you all would consider going back. 



I can not tell you how much I HATE the new system. I spend 45 minutes looking for a campaign I sent last November ...never got there. I have to recreate the exact same campaign....HATE this. Next time talk to your customers first.
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On the new version, I would like to see a return of the pages. It was easier than scrolling and selecting "More Campaigns" continuously.
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I really miss the old page set-up of past campaigns - if I knew what I was looking for, I could jump ahead a bunch of pages, until I narrowed in on the right date. Now I have to continually scroll through, even if I know what I'm looking for is a year old (or starts with a letter in the middle of the alphabet). I would love to see either an actual search tool (ideal!) or a return to the pages instead of continuous scroll. thank you!
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I HATE that you don't have the arrows that send you back pages at a time and that you have to keep loading your old campaigns! It takes me FOREVER to find emails I need to resend!!! Why'd you take this feature away?
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It would be beneficial to be able to have a sort function by page number and also a search function within all sent emails.
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Greetings, With this new update to constant contact it makes it extremely difficult to navigate prior emails that have been created with the removal of pages to select to view particular emails. It now takes a long time to try to locate an email from a year ago or so. Without the page number select there should be a search bar to help us navigate and select the email we have created. Thank you

I could not agree more-- in addition the blocks now are more difficult to edit and resize. I am no longer satisfied with this service and I have been a customer for about 15 years



is anybody listening?

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What took me a few minutes now takes me sometimes close to half and hour. You did away with the page numbers and being able to go to a page. I always knew that I could go 7-8 pages back and be back one year. Now I have to scroll through all the pages until I get to there. I don't have a fast computer so the time spent watching a progress circle is very annoying. I am seriously looking at a different email community because I used that feature almost daily. We do campaign once a year and I always use last year a starting point for this year. Why recreate when I could copy and change. Now I have a whole lot of work for nothing.
With the new design of your site when I go a year back to view campaigns in order to print or download, when I go back to view the rest during that time it kicks me back to the very beginning and I have to load more campaigns over and over again to get back to where I was. Very time consuming and inefficient.
This is the worst new design I have ever seen. 1) you can't see your email art when seeing the campaigns 2) when you go back see old email you have to click your extremely slow button at the bottom 3) once you preview the old email it goes back to page one OMG. Seriously considering MAIL CHIMP now.
As a long time customer of Constant Contact, I wanted to express my complete dissatisfaction with the new UI. While I don't mind change, I actually feel like the new UI is complete counter intuitive and makes it very challenging to find old campaigns and most specifically, events. The fact that the Events tab is not an option at the top of the page, is honestly ridiculous. Having to do multiple clicks for a key product of Constant Contact seems unreasonable. Additionally, as I was starting to look for possible templates to use for a new campaign, I am very unhappy with the extreme limitation of templates to choose from. The selection is minimal to say that least. Our company has been a long time customer but due to this change, I am going to research other email marketing options. I regret to say that I am unimpressed with this update. Sincerely, Danielle White Director of Marketingt
Is there a better way within the new redesign that I can scroll back to find a specific campaign from the past? My campaigns go back 10 years and I can't find an easy way (apart from hitting "View more campaigns" button about 100 consecutive times) to scroll back to campaigns from past years. Really annoying as this is a feature I need to use several times a week at least.