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Hard to Locate Older Emails with this new Layout

Hard to Locate Older Emails with this new Layout

This new layout makes it DIFFICULT to find older emails. If I wanted to find an email I sent out a year ago, I would need to click "view more campaigns" until I find it. Before, I could simply enter a page number and scroll through pages that way until I found it.

is there a way to search historical emails / campaigns via keyword? i am sad i lost the ability to determine the number of pages to go through (as usually 6 pages back = 1 year of emails). signed, struggling
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This is the 5th time I have contacted you in this regard. Previously, we were able to go back by pages of campaigns. Now we have to scroll back laboriously page by page. Either implement a search ability, or reinstall the ability to skip back pages to search for previous emails. This is so time consuming the way it is that I am considering switching to another company.
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It's very difficult to sort through dozens of items to find the one you're looking for. For example, it would be great to have more controls on the listings of campaigns, events, etc. Sorting by status, keyword, etc., would be very valuable.

I need to quickly access emails sent a year ago. This is now impossible with the new interface.


Once I'm looking at the list of campaigns, I have to click the "View More Campaigns" button at the bottom of the page about 10-15 times to get back to last year's emails. Then, after I finally get there and open an email I want, if I need to get back to the list of last year's emails again, the process of clicking "View More Campaigns" 10-15 times has to be done all over again! It doesn't even save my place so I can just click the back button to get back to where I was.


Please add a search function so the text of our campaigns can be searched. This would solve a lot of problems.

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are you able to bring back the page number? its ridiculous how i have to click to load previous campaign.
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1. Show all folders as the default rather than collapsed. 2. My contact list has Last Name, Email1 and Email2, why do I have to rename them home, work or other, they aren't any of those. 3. Email2 only shows as a carret symbol, why can't I see the data without clicking on it? I intend to send the email to the entire list.
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will you be adding back the page numbers instead of "more campaigns" button?
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Hi there, I think that the new layout is great, much cleaner and friendlier, though I did have a bit of hard time finding where the surveys were the first time. It is not immediately obvious. The other thing I wanted to say is that it would be perfect and so much more helpful if you included an WISIWYG editor for custom HTML. Many thanks
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Can't even get to an email that was sent a year ago. No pages at the bottom to jump to a date. Have to wait while it says "load more campaigns" and it goes about a month at a time. Going to have to look at other options.
This new layout makes it almost impossible to look for old email campaigns.
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Will you put back the page numbers? So much easier and convenient than "More Campaigns" button
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With the new system, I have to keep clicking "View More Campaigns" to see past emails. Is there a way to see more at once? I usually need to go back a year. This wasn't an issue before the change.
It takes a lot of clicks to get to the draft folder in this new setup. If users had the option to select which page they want to be their homepage, that would be very helpful. I always want to go to drafts first. Thanks,
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This site is not as easy to maneuver as the old one. I volunteer my time and schedule around 700 emails a year for a friend with a purpose who cannot do this herself. I liked being able to go to a specific page on my folders as I reuse and reschedule this information. I find this new site time takes 3x as long as the old version. Perhaps add a feature when you can view more than 20 items at a time or add back in the pages.

This used to be a site that was easy to use.  Now after hours wasted I'm still no closer to finding the sent email I was looking for.  Scrolling through all my thousand sent emails and with no thumbnail preview to help, this site now at best can only be used for minimal volume.


Another issue I see is that the "scheduled" is no longer sorted on time.  (ie when the email will be sent) It now is only by date modified or a to z or z to a.


Seems like the overfeeling in this thread is that this site could have been upgraded better.  


I'm looking forward to your resolution to these issues

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Longtime user. You guys keep changing this thing really makes me reconsider staying with you after all these years. Can you imagine if your favorite grocery store kept moving all the stuff around for no apparent reason?! Business is hard enough. The tech guys are doing a fine job. They don't need to change stuff to justify their salaries! Thinking about leaving you guys!
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Would be useful if we could search campaigns to see what we have already sent regarding a specific product without having to scroll through tens of pages. Thanks
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where are the page numbers? Not "More Campaigns"
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Do not like this new site!!
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how do I quickly pull up an email campaign from a year ago