Have multiple users edit email at the same time

PLEASE consider adding a comments feature in email previews to ease the workflow for teams who collaborate on campaigns. There is an incredible amount of time wasted communicating necessary edits, asking questions about content, and scanning a campaign numerous times that could be solved with the addition of a comments feature. (I'm thinking of how such features within Google Docs or Airtable assets review are tremendous time-savers that add value to their products).  


Thank you for your consideration! 



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I often work on an email campaign with a coworker at another location. I would like to be notified immediately if I try to open the document while he is already working in it. Microsoft Word has this function - documents are locked after one person opens them, and no one else can get in. The system you have wastes time because we don't find out that both of us are in the document until both of us have already made changes (and some changes get lost). 


On another subject, please label the Layout building blocks so people can understand what the differences are between them and how each should be used. They look very similar! 


Thank you. 

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @FairbanksArts. This is a great idea for accounts, especially those that may have multiple people logged in. I'll open the idea up for voting. 

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How does the voting work– does Constant Contact actually notify users of items open to voting or do folks just have to happen upon the issues that are up for a vote?


Hi @FairbanksArts at this time users are not notified of feedback boards being opened for voting. The search bar in the header of the Community is a great way to find both the answers to questions you may have along with any feedback threads available to vote on. In the meantime here's a section of our Community that helps explain what we do with our customer’s feedback.

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