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Anytime I am editing a block and have to scroll down or add content that causes there to need more room going down the top of the editing commands block slides under the header bar at the top of the screen. Then when I am done editing and want to click on save I have to scroll all the way to the top to get the save button to come out from under the header bar. This is very annoying. Please format your editing tools so they do not move under the header bar. Thank you.

Hi @ScottH162 thank you for sharing your feedback on this. This experience happening with your formatting table is due to the length of your text block. With that being said, I apologize that at this time we are only fixing critical issues in our older Legacy Newsletter Templates. Because of this I would suggest switching to the Third-Generation Editor from the Second-Generation Editor (the Legacy Newsletter Templates) as this newest editor is not designed to function like this. However if you do wish to continue working in our Legacy Newsletter Templates, breaking your text up in multiple blocks will help avoid this experience with your save button.

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