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Constant Contact does not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility standards because it does not allow the sender to designate certain text as headings.   I have heard tale that there is some way to do this using html code - but I have not been able to easily find it.  Also if I were going to edit the code for things as simple as headings what am I paying for.   Please advise if there is any way to designate headings for accessibility users currently and if there is any plan to make this feature user friendly in the interface.

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Hi @KarinM225 are you looking for ADA compatibility in the email campaigns you send? Or ADA compatibility within your account itself? How would you expect to designate text as headings?


It is the emails that you send that are not compliant.


A user using a screen reader for a visually impaired reader should be able to tell the difference between text and headings or headlines -- and different levels of headings.  Right now the only way to do that would be to open up the html code (which I could not find) and designate it.


I am looking for compatibility in the emails
You should be able to easily designate something as a heading so that a screen reader can tell the user where the headlines are from the html code.  

Hi @KarinM225  what screen reader are your contacts using?