Help Box Partially Hidden on Edit Screen

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While editing a newsletter, I clicked Help & Tips at the top of the window. The "Looking for Assistance" box that appeared at the top of the page is covered by the tool pane (Colors & Fonts, Blocks) on the left. I can't see any of the topics on the left the message box tells me to click on.

HI @TimeMark

I am very sorry to hear this is happening. In order to look into this more can you provide a screenshot of how this looks and the page you are on when this happens? Also, what browser are you working in?


Thank you!

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If I close the message (x), the name of my campaign and the orange draft label (which you can just barely see here) are still hidden behind the tools pane.  I didn't notice if the window originally opened that way or not.


I am using IE11 on Windows 7.


HI @TimeMark

Thank you for this detail, super helpful! I'm not able to recreate in IE11 on Windows 7 here. Can you try a couple of things?


1. Check  your zoom, make sure you are at 100%

2. Launch IE without Addons, here's how.

3. Test in another browser


Thank you!

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I can't reproduce it now either.  Saving the newsletter, returning to the Home screen, and opening it to Edit again took care of it.


I was at 100% zoom.  I couldn't reproduce it in Firefox.  I didn't try it without add-ons since I couldn't reproduce it.


I guess once that top section falls behind the left tool pane you have to leave the edit window and come back to fix it.  But I'm not sure when that happened in the first place.  I had been working on that newsletter a while, editing text, using the HTML editor, changing images and alignment, and inserting and deleting button blocks.


Thanks for looking into this.  If I ever notice exactly when this happens (if it happens again), I'll let you know.



Hi @TimeMark

Please do! I'll spend some time editing to see if I can make this happen too. 



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