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Help, the "Copy Paste" Feature no longer works on the newsletters!

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Hello, the headlines say it all.  I updated my Apple computer to the new version so it could have someting to do with  that ALso, the curser is invisible which is really annoying, especially since I am already dealing with eye issues from being on the computer so much.  Please fix this, too. 


Otherwise, why would I not be able to copy paste something in the newsletter so I can move portions of it around?  If this is a Constant Contact issue, it needs to be fixed immediately!  Otherwise you have just added many hours onto my already too many hours I spend creating my newsletter every week.  Thank you very much for your help.

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Hi @Seraphim thanks for reaching out about your email campaign! We have not received reports from other users being unable to copy and paste into a campaign. What browser are you working in? Is this happening for you in a different browser or even a private/incognito window as well?

I am not liking the updates so far. I cannot copy/paste text and edit it appropriately for my needs. The "undo" is hard to find, the box with text, color, etc will NOT let me work on the text I dragged over from my email. Very frustrating so far.
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