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Here's an idea: Restore the features we lost!

Here's an idea: Restore the features we lost!

After over 10 years with CC, I have been using old templates because they are easy, format well and, most importantly, they WORK!  However, anytime I had a question or issue, I'd call and the first words I heard were "Oh, ohhhh, you're using the OLD template/editor..."  So, finally (I'm slow), I upped my game to use the new templates/editor. Big mistake!  One would think that something as easy as placing a caption underneath an image would be doable...right?  WRONG!  Or, how about this...I wanted to have two, count 'em, TWO images along the same line within a text rep just told me "nope, can only do one image"  Improvement?  I think not...oh, and what about padding?  Novel idea, eh?  Use the old templates/editor folks, this is a step BACKWARDS not forwards!

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Hey @EnergyPlus, I appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us! I understand the frustration of not being able to add a caption to an image and that's definitely something we are looking into and I've added your feedback to that ticket that we are using to track the progress with that feature request. Our older editor definitely had a bit more customization options and features that worked very well on desktop email clients, however as of today there are more mobile users opening emails on their phones than a desktop. Because of this, we build an editor that made it seamless and easy for you to create an email campaign that looked great on a mobile device. We know it's not perfect and we're actively working on making improvements to this editor, so your feedback is key in this. If you do see a missing feature or have difficulty doing something on the editor, please feel free to reach out and let us know. 



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Why can't I get the BOLD format option to go off? If I have a bold line & want the next line to not be bold more often that not I can't turn it off.


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Will the new editor eventually offer these features from the old editor? Their absence is slowing down the process of creating our weekly email campaign:


1. Search function within the "images." Being able to search by name within the images (during editing) makes for a much faster process when adding a photo. This was available on the old editor but not on the new editor.


2. Text boxes no longer move efficiently within the same column or from column to column like they did with the old editor (we have a two column email campaign). I constantly move text boxes and images around as new items are added to the campaign throughout the week. The new editor does not allow this to happen quickly, and sometimes not at all. It's slow, and the "hot pink" bar that appears does not always indicate where the box falls -- it jumps around a lot and freezes up frequently. Customer support advised that I should create a new text box each time and then cut/paste the content, but that is extremely time consuming, especially when one box can move several times throughout the week as edits are happening.


3. The old editor allowed logos to be placed within the section "headers." I was advised by Customer Service that headers are now called "buttons" on the new editor, and do not allow logos to be placed inside. With our weekly campaign, this creates duplicate information. The header tells the reader that a new topic is about to begin, then we must also incorporate a graphic within the text. Many times, it's the same as the header.