How Do I Turn Off Link Tracking

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I want to turn off the link tracking in my emails. Many of my subscribers can't open the linkds because their email provider sees them as a security risk--especially for Gmail addresses. If that's the case, this service is not useful for linking to events and information pages, which is why we are using it. How can I turn the tracking off?
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On our email broadcast yesterday, we have a link in the email we sent out.  We received reports that the link is broken, because you are replacing our link.  While knowing who opens an email is valuable, we don't need you to track clicks on our URL, as we have data on who visits our site.  This is serious, as we are losing prospects, who can walk away, figuring that we don't have our act together.  Tracking whether an email is opened is fine, but we need you to leave our link unchanged.

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