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I am DYING here

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I am DYING here

I am currently switching over to the new Gen3 template for 52 separate accounts in my business partner console. I need the functionality that allows me to either code in a subject line for an email, or enter it in a drop down function (as in, the "advanced" drop down of the Gen2 templates). When is this going to be available? Thank you.
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Hello @ElizabethF40,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time starting out with our new editor. What is it exactly that you are trying to accomplish with your subject line? 

Currently you can personalize your subject line by inserting a contact detail. Check out how to do this here!

DOes this not meet your exact need, or were you unable to find this in the account? I'm interested in where you were looking in the account if this feature is exactly what you are looking for.