I am frustrated with your application

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9/10 times when I log in it says cannot find your server. this is the only application where this happens. when I do get it i cannot get to my list to send. it just spins and spins and even when I log out, shut down safari, restart my computer it is still spinning when I go back in. I cannot get my business done under these conditions.
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Sorry to hear this @JenniferB0269,

So that we can best assist you with this, would you mind providing us with a few more pieces of information?


"Cannot find your server" issue:

1. Does this issue only happen when you use Safari, or have you experienced this in other browsers?

2. If this issue happens accross all browsers, can you please visit http://www.speedtest.net/ and let us know what your Upload and Download speeds are?

3. If this issue only happens in Safari, can you please provide us with the current version of Safari you are using?


"Cannot get list to send" issue

1. Can you please describe the page you are seeing when you experience this? Are there any errors that display on the page? (Screenshots would be most helpful!)

2. Does this only happen when you are scheduling your email, or do you experience this in other areas of the site (i.e. Contacts, Reporting, etc.)

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Since we have not heard back from you on this thread I am marking this as closed. If you are still having trouble loading the website just let us know! 

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