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In the new formatting, we have to use a separate box for an image, and it must be left side or right side.  That makes our background color show up between each box, which makes the email message look chopped up.

Also, even when we do add the image in a separate box, it can only be left justificed or right justifed, not centered.

Bad change.  Really limits our messages, and makes us less likely to feel Constant Contact understands our needs and gives us design flexibility.  After more than a decade with you, we might need to switch to another company

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @AdministrativeA4 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We are opening this idea up so other users can weigh in as well.

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

With the introduction of our cross-platform editor and the ability to adjust image padding, you can make images appear side-by-side in the block. You will need to remove the horizontal padding to make this happen and then resize the image to the largest possible area in the column. 

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