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I'm trying to like the new version for email campaigns but.....I really don't.  I hope that you're working on issues that are there.  These are just a two:

  1. Images should be able to be CENTERED if you want.  Currently, you can only justify left or right.  And, if that's just in some templates then you still need to fix this.
  2. When using a layout from CC's options you still should be able to modify them like by adjusting the width of each column if desired.  

I was excited to try out the new CC version for creating email campaigns but I tried if for over an hour or so but found it frustrating to work in.  

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Sorry to hear you're experiencing these issues. Hopefully we can help by providing some information!


Currently, the ability to center your images in our Next Generation Editor does exist. To read more about how to do this, click here to view our step-by-step guide on image alignment.


Additionally, the columns you create in your email are totally customizable. Click here to view more information about how to change the width of the columns in your email.


We hope this information is helpful and as always thank you for your feedback!

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