I wish that the way we insert an image into a text section on a campaign had not changed. It was much easier to use when we could place the image where we wanted in the text. I don't always want my image at the ver beginning or end or my text and i don't want it completely separate from the text.
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HI @DaveU93872

Thanks for posting! The 3rd generation editor is designed to have each element of content in it's own block so in this case you would want to break your paragraph of text so that the image is where you wanted it to fall. Does this make sense?



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No - it's terrible. We know how to manipulate text and photos. Having to create another block every time we want to use an image is ridiculously time-consuming. It distorts the flow that we were able to create in the previous editor. How do we get back to the second generation editor?


I'm about to leave Constant Contact because of this. It is a dramatic decrease in functionality. I want to be able to drag and drop an image into a text block and have it end up where it's supposed to be.


alignment - with other images (top, bottom, right, left) and with page (center, top)

resizing text boxes

free movement of images (ex. wanted to put pics side by side (plenty of room) and not possible)

ability to select and group objects/text boxes

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