Improvements to poll action block

Why Constant Contact chose to release a function that is this underdeveloped is quite confusing.

There is no way to change the size of the font of the poll content. Why?

Every time a recipient clicks on a poll box, a seperate pop up window shows up "thanking them".  What is the purpose of this? Why can't the recipient simply just click the poll button and leave it at that? This makes it nearly impossible to have multi-question polls. 

There is also no way to ask open ended questions as part of the poll.


This feature never should have been released without proper development.


Any chance that you can ADD a comment section in the Poll tool like what's in your survey tool? So poll takers could leave random comments. Thank you in advance, Dave Miesse 

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Hi Jason. Thank you for the feedback about our Poll action block. I have a few things to discuss.


Action blocks act differently from a webpage where a response can be recorded in the background of the page. Currently, the recipient is brought to a different page so the response is recorded properly but I can certainly understand how this might not be desirable since it takes them away from your email. 


Polls are a quick way to get feedback. If you are looking to ask open-ended questions, you would want to look into other tools, such as our Survey tool where you can ask these types of questions and others, if you would like. 


We have heard other feedback as well about having the ability to make edits to the block itself, independent from the rest of your email so I will track this in your account. 

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I thought it is very easy to give a feedback like this and we want the exact same thing to collect feedback easily from our readers!
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Hi @FCIM. We have a poll block that is available for Email Plus customers that some have used as a way to collect feedback. Is this close to what you were looking for or something more open ended? 

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Thanks for your respond @caitlin_m !


We would love to have a page where we can ask for the tips and ideas for the improvement, not only the polls!


Great! If you want to provide options and have others "vote" on them, a poll block would be useful to include in your emails. However, if you were looking for open-ended answers, creating a survey with these types of questions would allow your readers to provide their feedback and you can download their responses. 

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I REALLY want to change the font, size, color, etc. within the Poll Action Block.  Even if it's another page, I should be able to edit my text!

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Also, it just looks silly at the end of my email when it doesn't match the email text.

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