Increase the width of the marquee box when selecting an item

When a text box is inserted there are actually 2 pieces to the text box. One piece is the area in which the text for the text box is placed. The second piece is the background for the text box. Each of these items can have a different background color. When one clicks on the text for the contents of the text box a very thin, aqua color marquee box is displayed and that color is both difficult to see. When one clicks outside of the text area for the text box, an even smaller and more difficult to see marquee box is placed around the exterior of the text box itself. And the method of selecting the properties of that text box is also difficult to see. Once must touch the right side of the text box to see the Settings gear and then we must click on that gear to display the property settings options for the text box. I suggest that the width and color of the marquee boxes for these two items be both widened and set to a color that is far different than the current color of the user's text box.

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Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @Teemus,


Thank you for providing this feedback! I've gone ahead and opened this for voting.

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