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A quick suggestion on formatting the footer. When entering the contact information there are multiple fields for name, address 1, address 2 etc. It would look better and be easier to read if these fields displayed on separate lines. Currently all the information runs together in one big, long line separated by commas. This looks clunky and is harder to read than if each field were displayed on its own individual line. After speaking with customer service there is apparently no easy way to fix this (I've tried putting spaces in the fields to force it to return to a new line, which doesn't work) and I think it's ridiculous that I would have to pay $50 for a custom footer to fix this problem. Thank you.
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Thank you for sharing! This is great feedback. 

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There haven't been any additional votes on this topic since it was posted so it is being marked as closed. If you would still like to see this feature or have new feedback please let us know! 

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My organization has a particularly long organization name and address, and it currently displays all one long line, with spillover onto a second line.  This looks awkward, and I would much rather have it formatted like this:

Organization Name

Street Address

City, State Zip


I tried adding in spaces to make it space onto another line, but alas, it didn't work.  Can you please consider adding this functionality into your footers?  Thanks.  


(This request was made previously, but closed due to lack of votes - I want to make sure ConstantContact knows that we're not the only ones with this request, though I know few organizations probably have such a long name and address as we do.)

Unless I'm missing something, the format of the address shown in the footer is fixed. Specifically, I'd like to eliminate the commas and show organization name, street address, city/state/zip on separate lines.
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